Sunday, September 6, 2009

You should see the other guy...


The kid started his day with a bicycle accident. He was riding his sister's bike, and I'm sure, for a boy, there is nothing more humiliating than flying face first into the pavement off of a seafoam green bike, with twinkly stars, and the word, "Starlet," written across it!!

He abandoned the bike, and dragged himself home, sweaty, wet with tears, and bleeding. Profusely. From the nose!! As we cleaned up the scrapes on his chin, lip, and cheek, and iced his puffy lip and nose, his sister watched quietly. When his wails had waned, Lily, literally adding insult to injury, said, "That's what you get for riding my bike."

After a snack and a little Scooby Doo, he was off again, only this time, on his own bike.

As the sun was setting, I honked the horn on the signal for the kids to come home. As Jack approached me, I noticed his eye and face more swollen than the last time I'd seen it.

It was reported that Avery was dared to throw a stick at a wasps' nest, he did, and ran. Jack did not, and was stung just under his eye. I asked him what he did when the wasp stung him, and Jack said, "I screamed, Mom. It hurt. I wanted to say the F word sooooooo bad. Don't worry though, Mom, I didn't."

We don't call him "Bruiser," for nothing!

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