Friday, August 15, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!!!

Our Vegas trip was a typical Bullock vacation.

We missed our 7:40am flight going out, then missed our standby flight, so we ending up spending 7 hours in the airport and caught the flight out with John and Tonya that afternoon. That was a fun day!!! Jake and I didn't sit together on either flight....I don't really like people that much and I'm a little it pretty much sucked being smashed between two heavy breathers for 2 1/2 hours.

Once we got there, things went pretty smooth. Loved the Mandalay, the pool was AMAZING and the rooms were AWESOME! They even cleaned our room each day for us...unlike our last vacation to Cancun, where our sheets were somehow dirtier than we left them each day...yeah...I'm not was DISGUSTING!!! Our neighbor is from Vegas and her sister works in a club, so we got VIP entrance, no waiting in lines, to a pretty sweet club one night...Sherlocks and BlackFin will never be the same after being in that place!

I met and fell in love with my favorite summertime drink...frozen Red Bull and vodka....Hyper Rhino....sooo delicious and a steal at only $12 for 12 ounces!!!! What we didn't spend in the casinos, we spent on $10 beers at the club, the Rhino's at the pool and our souveniers!!! We were broke pretty quick and had to give up taxis and travelled on the bus everywhere we went...$5 for the day versus $20 per cab ride!! The slogan for the bus was "Have Fun....Ride the Deuce"....they played it over and over on the wasn't fun....not at all....a bunch of broke, sad looking losers just trying to meet up with their friends who probably got down the strip in 5 minutes in a cab and we had to spend an HOUR on the damn Deuce....and to top it beer on the bus!!! So now, we were sad, SOBER, losers!!!