Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Broke down...

Jack broke his sister.


He was riding a bike with no brakes...yes...a bike with no brakes, and without brakes, he was unable to stop when his sister crossed his path.

They crashed.

Jack had not a scratch. But, he broke his sister.

Her best finger, the right pointer, is broken. All the way through, but, the bone was not displaced.

Good times...

Huh...just reread my title.

Speaking of "broke down," my car broke down the other day.

In the rain.

On the highway.

Just me and Avery.

He was all, "Mom, you're going to slow, get outta the road," utterly humiliated.

And I was all, "I'm trying son, but I.DON'T.HAVE.THE.POW-AH."

Once we stopped, the brat was unwilling to run across the service road, to the safety of a car dealership to wait for Jake. He said it was embarrassing.


The alternator went out. I know this not because I know shit about cars...but, because my neighbor does, and has an alternator-checker-thingy.

This is looking like the start to a greeeeeeeat week!

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