Monday, September 7, 2009

I wonder what they will remember...

Just now, as I lay in bed reading, I heard Jake flipping through channels on the t.v. He paused on the Labor Day Telethon.


I had forgotten all about it.

When I was a kid, I watched the Telethon religiously. I don't know why, because now, I can barely sit through thirty minutes of it.

As a kid, I would spend the night at my cousins' house, one is ten years older than me, the other six years older, and both are more like sisters. We would stay up all night. Watching musical performances...listening in on live callers from all over America, as they handed over their hard earned money for a good cause...laughing at the comedy acts...witnessing touching stories of sick children, some beating the odds, some, sadly, not...listening to Jerry Lewis' atrocious singing...and eagerly anticipating the dramatic updates on the donations counter.

I don't know why, but, it was fun.

We drank sodas...ate Easy Cheese on saltine crackers...popcorn...Doritos...Oreos and milk...and dipped graham crackers in Eagle Brand Milk.

I love this memory.

It was insignificant really. Hardly as memorable as prom night, or graduation, falling in love, or having a baby...but, this memory makes me warm.

I can't help but wonder what kind of mundane memories will remain in my children's heads long after their childhoods have passed.

This serves as a reminder that the birthdays and the Christmases are not the only days that they will recall, when they think on special days and memories from their childhood.

They will just as likely remember fondly the silly "favorite foods" game that we play at every family dinner. Or, the way the dog pounces on them, licking their faces, and stepping on their heads each morning, as he helps me wake them for school. Maybe they will remember that the only thing that will make Dad quit clanking his spoon on his coffee cup in the morning is to yell, "HI-YAAH," as loudly as they can. A silly thing Jake's grandfather used to do, that Jake remembers, and has chosed to carry on.

I wonder what they will remember...

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