Monday, September 21, 2009

Well hello, stranger...

I've noticed some new followers lately, and I got to thinking...

Just who in the hell ARE all these people?!

As the caterpillar in Wonderland would say, "Whooooo R U?" You know, but, without the opium...however, it'd be a lot cooler with!!


Just a friendly hello...and wanting to find out a little about ya!

So...question...What is a totally annoying habit you have? How would your spouse/roommate/boyfriend/girlfriend/life partner/mom & dad...just someone who has to put up with your would they answer the same question?


Kimmy said...

LOL...well, I took it upon myself to answer this one for you. Although you sort a, kind a know me in a not so personal way, yet virtually, you do! lol
Anyways, I asked the hubs this question about me and his answer was...."All your blogging, facebooking and blogging that you do!!" LOL

Nikki B. said...

i do sorta, kinda, absolutely, virtually DO know you in a semi-personal way...i think jake would say the same thing.

although, my blogging, facebooking, does keep me busy, off his back, and away from his remote, so that he can watch the baseball/football/basketball/hockey game!!

Alicia W. said...

So I just called up B and asked him what I do that annoys the shit out of him and he said.. being selfish with the va-jay-jay! Yep.... give him one question and it always leads back somehow to sex. NICE huh?

Kameron said...

Without even asing the hubbs, I think he would answer the same thing as Alicia's hubbs!

Other than that, I think it would be my backseat, well passenger seat really, driving. He is the wrost driver ever so I yell at him and tell him he's going to fast, not paying attention, that he turned the wrong way, that he's tailgating, etc. The other day he litterally stopped, put the car in park and told me he was never driving me around again. He must have read my mind because my smart ass remark was going to be that he HAD to drive me home from the hospital, and he said except for driving you home from the hospital!

He was going to get out of the car and try to make me drive. That is, until I told him he would be walking home if he got out of the car! I admit, it is probably freakin annoying what I do to him while he drives, but shit, just learn how to drive already!!!!

Hurricane Rojo said...

I'm lippy.
Very lippy.
But hot.
So it balances itself out.
So says me.

Kelly said...

I started following when I stumbled across your blog a few months ago. I love your attitude. You aren't afraid to say what you mean and use the words you want to say.

My husband would say my most annoying thing I do is when I ignore him through his random repeatative bullshit and then miss something actually useful that he's said.

Course I tell him to stop with the random shit and maybe I'd listen more :P

Saturn Returns said...

Well I stumbled across your blog from a link from not me! monday.
You had me at the OutKast lyrics. Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbor! I was (and still am) new to blogging and stumbled across mckmama's blog because a pic of my friends kid was on there and i kept going back to check on sick stellan, so she was the first blog i hit, then you. opposites, yes..but I think i fall somewhere in between you two.
Ok...most annoying habit my husband would say is that I eat things that I know will make me feel yucky and then complain about it. That or my internet addiction.

heidi said...

No idea how I got here. It's as if I fell into a wormhole in the time-space continuum and landed in bizarro land. Or something.

My most annoying habit? Let me ask Rob...he's not answering me and I need to get on with my life. His annoying habit is not answering me. Bunghole. I'll come back and tell you what he said.

heidi said...

rob 3:15 PM
i seriously do not know if I can answer that question right now. nor do I know if I want a blog to ruin my sex life for a couple of days

That's his final answer.

melinda said...

i talk loud. the longer i talk, the louder i get (and i talk a lot) drives my husband nuts. i try not to but i get excited and the volume goes up up up. i think i inherited it from my grandmother, although my grandfather was deaf, at least she had an excuse.

melinda said...

ps: i have no clue how i got here, but i keep coming back.

Katie said...

Well, I'm perfect so I'd say there is no annoying quality about me lol :) J/K!

I think that sometimes I can be a little too pushy about things...

I think that my husband would say the same thing!

~~Mel~~ said...

Annoying habit...hmmm...I honestly can't think of one...oh wait...the boyfriend would tell you that I don't rinse my dishes right away and instead let them sit for at least an hour and then the food is caked on by the time he gets to doing dishes...oops.

Other than that...I'm perfect and he would agree :)

I've been following awhile but rarely comment (love your blog!).