Monday, September 14, 2009


Now that I have tasted the quiet, it seems that I have developed a thirst for it.

What do they say...whoever the fuck "they" are..."you can't miss what you have never had." It's only recently that I've acquired the quiet, and I now long for it when it's away.

One evening last week, I left the kids with Jake, and I went to the library.

The place where the quiet was born.

The temple for the taciturn.

It's my favorite place in the world.

The best part about it, is that there are no conversations to be had in this sacred place. People just left me alone. Alone to my own thoughts and the sounds self. I could hear the sound of my heart beat, of my thoughts bouncing around inside my head, my breath, my flip flops.

I felt invisible as I floated through the aisles of non-fiction.

Non-fiction is my favorite place within my favorite place.

I love that there are books on any subject you could conjure. There's even a book about boobs. Nothing else. Just boobs. Cleverly titled, "Boobs." Don't believe me?


Told ya.

And, just to let you know. Yes, I was the freak who was taking pictures of the books at the library. No, no one said anything. Yes, they still looked at me like I was the freak who was taking pictures of the books at the library!

When I'm there, I feel peaceful.

I feel still.

I imagine that the way I feel in the library, is the way some people feel in church.

My cathedral of calm.

My synagogue of silence.

Complete, with books about boobs.

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