Friday, June 5, 2009

Why I oughtta...


People never cease to amaze me. That's been one of the most...let's just say, enlightening aspects about being back in college. I'm learning more about people than about the courses I'm taking. Some of what I'm a little disheartening.

Good news...this semester, my professor KICKS ASS. She's the KICK ASSINGEST professor I could want, or have, or imagine. Of course, she did NOT have a hard act to follow after Cletus!!

My 20 classmates are typical...a hodge podge of people...good, bad, and ugly, all fighting for the same limited number of spots in the nursing program.

Yesterday, a certain "academically challenged" woman in the front row calls the professor over for a chat. We were on a break and most of the class was out of the room. I had my nose buried in my $233.82 textbook, but couldn't help but overhear the conversation, as she sits directly in front of me.

It went like this:

WOMAN: "OK...Ms.C...I noticed that there is only one guy in the class...Sam. Since he's the only guy in the class, I think that he should get a little bonus on his tests...say 5 points."

MS. C: "Hahahahahahaha"

WOMAN: "Actually, I'm serious...he's brave enough to sit in here with all of us women...I think he deserves something. Also, I'm the only black person in the maybe I should get a 5 point bonus, as well."

*silence....a silence that I wanted to fill with murderous shrieks*

Ms.C waited. She must've been giving this woman a chance to deliver the punchline...the "ba-dum-bum" part of her speech. When it didn't come, Ms.C finally said...

"Uh...Ms.A...I hadn't even noticed. If you want 5 points on your test, you should study and earn them, like everyone else. Nice try, though!!!!!"

With that, she turned and walked away. I'm pretty sure I heard Ms.C mutter under her breath, "You fuckin' BITCH!" But, that might've been me...I'm not entirely sure.

At this point, I jump up on my desk and start doing this very awkward and unflattering..."You just got TOLD" / "Ms.C, I think I love you" dance!!

I sat back down from my imaginary "victory over ignorance" dance...reeling after what I'd just witnessed.

Words don't often escape me...but, after this...they did. My thoughts were frantically swimming, and colliding, and exploding. I had to cover my mouth with my hand to hold them in.

People NEVER cease to amaze me.



Tina said... takes all kinds doesn't it. At least your teacher didn't fall for it....

Kameron said...

WTF is wrong with people. I had a student when I taught micro lab that was cheating on his quizzes. When I caught him red handed, he said, "I was running out of time. What did you want me to do, turn it in blank??". Um yes you pittiful excuse for a college student. That is EXACTLY what I would have preferred. Ass.

kristi said...

LOL!!! I do classes online and in my ethnicity class, a Chinese guy made a reference to black people who "sag". I felt sorry for him because MANY of my classmates told him off!

Tatman said...

NO BONUS POINTS FOR BEING A DOUCHEBAG EITHER! If the MAN really wanted extra points for being a MAN, then the MAN would have asked. Don't use race and sex as a way to try and up yourself. In a society that is trying to be equal, there are still a lot of people looking to create inequality for their own benefit. Those people are most commonly know as DOUCHEBAGS!

I like Kameron's comment. Looks like there's at least one more person with some common f'ing sense.

kay said...

Hahaha. WOW!! People will do anything to get something for nothing, won't they!

Melissa said...

Wow! She is truly sad.

Kimmy said...

OMG!! Why do some people think it's okay to expect a handout when the rest of us work so damn hard for the same things??? Shame on her! And good for your new teacher. I can only imagine what Cletus would have!

Melissa said...

Hey Nikki stop by when you get a minute...I have some things for you!