Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A dry spell...

I hit a new low in my marriage last night. It was awesome!!

My brain is fried from this fast track Microbiology class I'm taking. For five hours a day, I'm in the classroom and the lab absorbing as much information as possible. Then, when I get home, I hole up in my room and study some more.

The good news...I'm learning A TON, and making the grade. The bad news...my marriage, and my house, and my kids are being neglected.

I don't know how you working moms do it. I really don't. Kudos to you guys...my hat is off to ya.

Last night, I was in bed studying when Jake came to bed. He climbs in and rolls over to go to sleep. I look over at him and realize it's been a little while since we've had relations, so I say...

Me: "You asleep?"

Him: "No..."

Me: "You need anything?"

Him: "What? Uh...no..."

Me: "No, I mean...do you NEED anything?"

Him: "Oh...nah, I'm good. Keep studying."

Me: "Cool. 'Night."

New low...strictly business. Nothing to do with love, or passion, or desire...just straight up asking if he "needed anything."

I'm seriously hoping that this has EVERYTHING to do with our crazy schedule...and NOTHING to do with the fact that we've been married for almost eleven years and have possibly settled into a rut.


Anonymous said...

Ha! We've had that convo before. Mine had the same answer. "Na. I'm good."

Katrina said...

I work 80+ hours per week then come home to cook and clean and do laundry. I am so tired! When Joe made the moves on me a few weeks ago, I told him I just wanted to be friends! We had a good laugh! In the morning he let me sleep in and cooked breakfast- the most erotic thing a man can do for a woman!

Alicia W. said...

I could work 12 hours, come home and work for another 4 hours around the house and B would still never pass up a lazy shot of ass.
Your not in a rutt, Nikki! He just knows you have a lot on your plate right now and after some good ol' love makin he knew you would be worn out. :o)

Tina said...

So funny.....yea you have hit the marriage low! LOL

Lindsay said...

It seems like when I'm up to my knees in laundry and ready to pull my hair out from screaming kids that my husband will come up and say "So...do you want to get a little?" Oh baby, oh baby...how can a girl resist that? We too are all business no prep needed. Got to love marriage…I guess we are in a rut too! :o)

Family said...

Nah, it's part of life! It's alright for marriages to have it's mountains and valley's. Can't always stay up on that mountain, not enough oxygen! :) lol

Tim said...

I bet he had a headache!


Catherine said...

I love Katrina's comment! It's good that your husband understands your studying is important too and it was nice that you thought of each other!

Rassles said...

I would say that's depressing, but since it's also been awhile since I've had relations, I'm not gonna judge.

heidi said...

*snort* Alicia said lazy shot of ass.

I have to agree with everything she said tho. Good on ya, Jake.

No lie - Rob *just* IM'd me about how much he's missed having sex with me these past two weeks. But, he added that he understands how stressed and overwhelmed I am right now and it's ok.

I think he'd probably take a lazy shot of ass about now, too. You must put out more than me and Alicia.