Friday, June 12, 2009

This ain't ya Momma's Land of the Lost


We just took the kids to see Land of Lost. We took a vote and it beat out Up by a landslide.

I watched the show every Saturday morning as a kid. I loved that damn show. After watching a couple of old reruns recently...uh, I don't really recall why I loved it. But, was the 70's...we made do with what we had.

As far as the cinematic was quite entertaining. A helluva lot more entertaining that I remember the television series being. But, I have to say, they stretched that PG-13 rating preeeeeeetty fucking far!

Speaking of fuckin' one point in the movie, Will Ferrell's character moves in for a closeup and mouths "Fuck You" to dear sweet Chaka. My little one finds that word fascinating...and remember, no matter how foul my mouth may be, I DON'T curse in front of the kids. But, Will Ferrell does, so upon seeing this, Jack jumps up and shouts, "OOOOOOh Snap...he just said 'EFF YOU'!" Ya know...just in case the other movie-goers missed it.

Throughtout the movie, the words "asshole", "pussy", and "dick" were thrown around carelessly, a coffee mug with a nice pair of bare titties was showcased, and Danny McBride's character warned that his tube ride might get Holly "wet", then later suggested that she might want to sit on the giant vibrating crystal.

Oh, and thanks to this big screen adaptation of a beloved 70's children's show...the phrase, "tap that ass," is now a part of my offspring's repertoire.

AWESOME!! That should fly in Kindergarten!!


Tatman said...

I'll have to write more once I stop laughing. Ooooh Snap!

Kameron said...

Girl, anything with Will Ferrel in it (besides Elf) is going to have tits, arse, and some foul language thrown in for good measure! That's what he does....and that's why we love him....just maybe not kindergateners!

Tim said...

Dude. Thanks for the warning!


Oh and Kam saying arse was funny too.

Autumn said...

You have some cute kiddos!!!

heidi said...

Ok..LOL a tthe Oh Snap....that was great! Sorry, though. Hope your kids aren't scarred for life. Maybe you can sue Will Ferrell?