Friday, June 19, 2009

Public apology...

To my children,

I'm so sorry I sat on you and held you down and allowed the nurses to give you all those shots when you were babies. However necessary they was still cruel and heartless and insensitive of me. I'm sorry.

Because, today, I was inoculated for the first time in a long time...and it hurt like a SONOFABITCH!! A big, big SONOFABITCH!! It made me tired and grouchy and mean...and it hurt! It hurt like a SONOFABITCH.

I'm so, so sorry. We still cool?


After my shots (for school), I was pissing and moaning and yelling answering "NO" to every question they asked. I think they were starting to get a little frustrated with me.

Me: *pissin' and moanin'*

Jack: *gives me a hug* "Aww...Mom, I'm sorry about you."

Me: "What? What do you mean, buddy?"

Jack: "I'm sorry about you...I'm sorry cuz you're such a grouch."


Tim said...

I so know what is like to be a grouch. I have been one since my surgery. I am in SOOOO much pain it isnt even funny, not to mention I cannot pee or poop which is a whole nother story.

I have aopoligized aready so mnay times I cant count. But who counting? I cant even think straight on this vicadin, morphine, and other stuff they got me on. It doesnt even take away the pain! It just takes the edge of some and makes me constapated and brain dead. So yeah, I think I get it.

I have already forgot what I was gonna say 6 times since starting this comment. GRRRR OUCH!!


Hurricane Heather said...

As we say in the Pirate house:


Helene said...

Oh man, that totally sucks! I had no idea that vaccines hurt that bad....I guess I'll have to kiss butt more next time I drag my kiddos into the dr for their next vaccine.

Just got caught up on your last few posts and I totally cracked up over the conversation you had with your husband in bed. My husband and I are, business like too when it comes to sex, for some reason. It usually goes something like this:

Him: So are any of your shows on tv tonight?
Me: No, why?
Him: Well, if you're not doing anything, do you want out with me?
Me: Hang out with you? What do you mean?
Him: You know....(as he comes up behind me and grinds himself into my backside)
Me: Oh wait...I think So You Think You can Dance is on tonight...maybe we can do this another time?

Anonymous said...

I hate it when I'm grouchy. Especially to the kids. They are always so understanding though.

Rassles said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, but I have to try, just because...


Kameron said...

Thanks for the mommy guilt trip right before Natey's 2 year checkup...where he will be getting shots! ;o)

I love our new twitter relationship. Ha! I feel like you, Alicia and Brooke are my buds and I'm texting you! Ok, I'm going now because I sound like a freakin idiot!

heidi said...

Dude - totally. I had to do the tetnus thing not too long ago and I about pissed myself. Cara and Sienna had some of those there eee-knock-ewe-lay-shuns today and Cara ugly cried her way through the entire 45 minute appointment leading up to the shot. Lord help me if I had to muster up the sympathy just to get that child through her shot. FOr craps sake! Her brother just had his penis damn near cut off and sewn back on, surely she can withstand one teeny needle?


Poor Bubbles. :-( I need to go visit him, too. Well, not, like, literally..just on his blog. I had a few minutes and needed a laugh so I came here. Aren't you special?

heidi said...

Wait - you Kam, Brooke and Alicia are twittering?? WTH?! No one invited ME to that party. I'm afraid to twitter. I should blog about my fear of twittering. Hell, I should actually just blog sometime, eh?

Frick..what day is it? Tuesday? I t hink my scheduled post didn't post again damnit. Wait, no, it's only Monday, right?

Why am I having a conversation with myself in your comment section? I tell ya what, Ethel, I've been cooped up in my own head for too long, that's what. I need a drink or something.