Thursday, June 18, 2009

18 again...

Being a full time student is changing me. Well, it's causing a regression's like I'm fucking 18 years old again.

This is a list of the shit that college students do, that a 30-something wife and mother should NOT be doing:

Sleeping until 10am...everyday.

Having Dr.Pepper for breakfast.

Digging through the dirtly clothes hamper for clothes to wear to school.

Eating lunch out of a vending machine.

Dealing with fucking acne...likely due to the DP for breakfast and CheezeNips for lunch.

Crying because I didn't want to clean the kitchen...literally crying! WTF??

Staying up all hours of the night...studying, blogging, watching TV.

Living for Fridays...ya know, to blow off a little steam.

Drinking a staggering amount of alcohol on the weekends.

Aaaaaaand, in turn, spending part of the weekend hugging the toilet.

It's crazy...I shouldn't be doing any of these things. What the hell is going on??

And, like, what makes things that, like, it's like nobody even fucking understands me. OH EM GEE!!


Melissa said...

ahh Nikki! You crack me up! Those were the days! or I guess for you...These are the days! Have fun and enjoy it! And keep blogging about it!

Kameron said...

Luckily it's only a summer course that lasts 6 weeks or so. It is a dark bloggy day for me. My work has completely blocked blogger so I can't even find happiness in the arms of my blog when work is sucking. I guess I will be staying up late nights just to read and comment too. Suck.

Alicia W. said...

Hey, That sounds like a damn blast compared to sitting in a cubicle listening to the old bitches complaining about their hot flashes, saggy boobs, OB visits and yada yada! Seriously, if I can switch with you I would so Freaky Friday that shit! LOL

Catherine said...

Oh no...this is where I'm headed. First I wanted to get my MBA, then I decided on Law School. Now I've decided to apply for both and do a dual JD/MBA that requires a Calc pre req that I SUCK at and I have to figure out when to do that pretty soon. I'm kinda jealous of Kameron who is really smart, has a super cute kid, AND is super crafty artistic like. (did you see her cute dino cake?) Did I see her mention she also went through natural child birth? The blog world makes me feel so inadequate. I'm glad someone else has Dr Pepper for breakfast too.

Ginny said...

OMG, indeed.

Um, at least you're not engaging in rampant, college one night stands, right? Right?

Heather said...

Thanks for the message! It's not my first summer in TX but it is damn hot!

Catherine said...

I just wanted to add that of course going back to school to accomplish your goals is entirely worth it even though it's hard. I've already been supporting my husband through getting his MBA. It is incredibly difficult for us - but very worth it! I think it's important for your kids to see your goals and education are important to you and will be important to them too!

Catherine said...

I am in Kirkland, WA - My mother's family is all from there though. We used to go to a lot of reunions there and I have a ton of great and uncles (or used to) and counsins there. My husband used to rant and rave about shopping there when he was in town on business. I've tried to convince we should move to Dallas after he's done with B-school. ;o)

Sneaky Momma said...

I totally would sleep in until 10 AM every morning if given the opportunity. You go girl!