Friday, June 26, 2009

Poor Farrah, he totally stole her thunder...

I usually view death as a part of life. Something that we all have to do...kinda like learning how to tie your shoes, or wipe your own ass. But, sometimes, it comes as a surprise to me.

Yesterday, it did.

I'm sure we'll view the death of MJ much like our parents viewed the death of Elvis. It's likely that for years to come people will talk and theorize about the life and death of Jacko, given the idolized enigma that he was.

He was one weird dude, but was the epitome of ICONIC. Very few rise to that level of fame, it seems.

While Jake and I were discussing the news and reading and watching about his death, the kids were curious.

Ave: "Who is that guy?"

Me: "It's Michael Jackson, son. He was AWESOME. Even people who don't like him know he's AWESOME. And he just died."

Lil: *perturbed that they were even talking about MJ on So You Think You Can Dance* "Why do they keep TALKING about this...ALRIGHT ALREADY!"

Me: "Well, he's a big deal. He's HUGE. Mom and Dad grew up listening to his music."

Jack: "He looks weird. Why does he look so weird?"

Me: "He didn't always look like that. He used to look more normal. But, that's what happens when you get rich and start to look weird."

We realized that our kids didn't know who this guy was. WHAT?? Everyone KNOWS MJ. How could we have failed to teach our kids about the greats. Kids should know about all the greatestS of all time. They will learn the new/future greats on their own. But, it's our responsibility to teach them about the old greats...the ones who have already secured their status as legendary.

So, in a dark room in front of the glow of the computer screen, we sat them down to watch one of the greatest videos of all time, Thriller, and introduce them to the King of Pop on the day of his death.

While it was a sentimental time for Jake and I, remembering our youth, his lyrics, and dance was more comical for the older kids, and terrifying for Jack.

Jack wanted to know why, if MJ was a boy, did he talk like a girl. We explained that it was soemthing that people have been trying to figure out for years, and that we may never know.

Lily wanted to know if Abraham Lincoln was one of the zombies, then threatened that if Jack didn't quit itching his poison ivy, that the zombie of MJ would come out of the screen and get him. At which point, Jack ran out of the room. I can't say that I blame him, because I saw that zombie bitch come out of the screen on The Ring, and to this day I hesitate when walking in front of a TV at night. Say what you will...I'm a big, big chicken. And so is Jack.

Avery found it ironic that we were watching a zombie MJ on the day of his death, the day he became an actual zombie in the grave. Nice, right? His compassion is warm, isn't it?

I lied and told the kids that their Dad was one of the zombie dancers. Then, they spent several minutes looking at the feet of dozens of zombies, trying to find their fathers'. All the while, to make the story a bit more credible, Jake jumped up and did the classic zombie line dance in perfect rhythm.

This death makes me feel so old. I didn't even realize MJ was 50!! Father time is a fucking ASS HOLE!!


Kimmy said...

It is really sad! I'm still in complete shock over this. My daughter said the same thing "Who is Michael Jackson" and my reply was the same as yours "He was Huge! He was an american icon like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna". It makes me feel old too! Watching all these people as we grew up and now seeing them pass is just a sad thing! He will be missed, weird or not, he definitely left his mark on all of us! RIP MJ!

Tim said...

Sad day indeed. Sounds like this was a HILARIOUS exchange with the kiddos! Would have made a GREAT vlogemo post for ANYTHING GOES this week. Especially seeing Jake dance.

What were you thinking by depriving us of that?


Tina said...

Yes I husband told me about Farrah and then about a hour later he said MJ had died and I tod him to stop looking at the computer because I didn't want to hear about any more death today!

I agree about poor Farrah getting the back burner....that is sad!

Nicki....sorry I have been sick and not online so I just saw the thing from email is

Have a nice weekend!

Jess said...

It is just really strange and really sudden. Despite his strangeness, he was an amazing singer/dancer and so that is what he should be remembered for.

I know what you mean though - I was thinking about poor Farrah. People have apparently forgotten about her already. Sad.

Kameron said...

Even though he got weirder and weirder as time went on, his music is the best. They have been playing it on all of the radio stations today and I heard some oldies that I forgot I love to rock out to. It is sad that there are a lot of things our kids will never understand the brevity of. I guess it was the same with us though. Our parents had icons that we didn't get since we didn't experience them first hand.

~~Mel~~ said...

He was definitely one of the greats! It pains me that my 8 year old has no idea who he is either...I guess you are correct in saying it's up to us to teach them about the past greats.

Helene said...

I was totally in shock when I heard about's like the same way I felt when I heard that Princess Diana had died. Just total shock. Like you, I grew up listening to his music and even though I think he eventually turned into a freak, I still loved his music....couldn't stand to look at him without my stomach turning but I could still rock it out to his music, kwim?

I do feel bad for Farrah's family...I didn't even realize she had died until I was watching the news later that night and they mentioned it. But I guess her death was kind of expected while MJ's was a huge shock. Even still....I wish she had gotten the same coverage. You know she would've been top priority if MJ hadn't died on the same day.

Rassles said...

My dad did that for me. Music and movie history lessons that I didn't even know where lessons.

Do it, just sneak it in there.

Mama SeWELL said...

Ill add Led, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison to that list. John Bonham could beat on those drums!

I agree Poor Farrah, she actually battled something besides a molestation case. No doubt the man could move, but he had a less than stellar life for sure. I feel now for his poor kids, they lived a insane life up until now & they are going to be placed w/ the same family that produced MJ himself. Sad, sad

Leah said...

I like your idea of little celebrity board books. You should run with that!

Alicia W. said...

Yeah M.J will be missed. I really liked him a lot until he became a freaky white pedophile. Too bad he didn't get to make his comeback like he had planned.

The zombie part about Jack and also how you hate that part about the ring cracked me up.