Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ya wanna know what I did last night??

I was at the Coldplay concert in Dallas...on a school night!!! Jake and I have wanted to see them for years and last night we finally did!

AMAZING SHOW!!! Chris Martin is friggin entertaining! He just flails around, running, jumping, rolling on the floor...all the while singing in one of the most incredible voices there is!

Me: "I wish I could feel music the way he does. I wish music just poured out of me and consumed me the way it does him."

The One: "It would pour out of you that way if 80,000 people were all screaming your name. It would pour out of you if every one of those 80,000 paid you somewhere between $100 and the price of a small see it. It would pour out of you if you were sleeping with Gwenyth Paltrow every night!"

Me: "Yeah, you're probably right."

Ya wanna know the best thing about the show...besides the Platinum Parking pass we had, the VIP entrance, no lines, the Admiral level box seats in a suite at the AAC, and the amazing view we had of the cost us $FREE.95! heard me right...FREE. The tickets were given to us by one of our good friends. We know a guy, who knows a guy! Can you believe that? I can't either!!

Ya wanna know how good of a friend this guy is...he gave us his tickets. He didn't even go to the concert...he said we would enjoy it more than he would. This guy is single and could've used these tickets to get himself laid every night for the next 2 years...but, instead, he gave them to us!!!

We had a blast!!!


The White Family said...

How awesome is that!!!! What a FUN NIGHT for you and your husband. I love his voice and music he plays.. not to mention he is easy on the eyes as well. Glad you had a gret time and was treated like a celebrity!!