Monday, November 10, 2008

Take this bra and shove it...

i'm moving to austin and becoming a hippie!!!!

i've lived in texas all my life and this weekend i went to austin for the first time EVER!!! THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD a considerable number of years older than 21 and never been to austin!! can you believe that?

FRIGGIN LOVE THAT PLACE! they are my kinda people.

what i found most intriguing was that there is no economic status there and hardly gender. everyone is just the casual, laid back, hippie-type...who am i kidding...they ARE hippies. check this out:


but, we were at a music festival and i was people watching...thousands of people...and although everyone was so different and unique...they were all the same, in that, i couldn't tell if any one of them might be a CEO of a huge corporation just chillin for the weekend, or if he was a hobo about to panhandle. so as far as economic status...there was none...everyone was equal.

so many blue jeans and flip flops and no fuss, no just there...not all done up. so many times i had a hard time determining gender. for example...i was behind this couple while one of the bands was playing...he was this very thin, very feminine man...there with his girlfriend who was equal height and weight as him, and she had these huge man-hands. from behind i had no idea who they were...i had to look at them from the front to see if they were 2 gay men...2 lesbian women...or a heterosexual couple. not that it mattered...just curiousity

I FRIGGIN LOVED IT!!! everyone was equal...all there for a common listen and appreciate a myriad of music!!



Kameron said...

Wow, I am a pretty laid back mom, but I don't think I'd be buying that shirt for my kiddo!! I did laugh out loud at the guts of whoever did though! :o)