Monday, November 3, 2008

Patience is NOT MY virtue...

Patience is something I really need to work on. I don't think I've ever been a patient person and I think it's really me and to others.

I rush everything...I think that's why this nursing school thing is already such a challenge for me. I guess I don't have too many things that I've had to really wait for...or work really, really hard for. Wait...this makes me sound like a spoiled brat. I guess it makes me sound that way because I kinda am...UGHHHH...who wants to admit that!!!! Okay, you can't change what you don't, Step 1...acknowledge that you're a spoiled, rottten, brat...CHECK!

In high school, I never had to study to make straight A' didn't work that way in college right out of high school, so I couldn't hack it. I was even really impatient when it came to getting married. Jake and I wanted to get married on the beach in Mexico, but we had to wait 2 weeks for a blood test and I didn't want to wait...part of it was timing because Joey was out of the hospital...but mostly, it was beacause I didn't want to wait 2 we hopped a plane to Vegas and tied the knot.

I remember being horribly impatient when I was pregnant and I remember begging my doctor to deliver those kids just a few days earlier than he wanted. Hell...I won't even let Jack poop while we're out shopping or out to eat because he is a slow pooper and takes his sweet time and I don't have the patience to stand in the public restroom and wait for him. I'm probably doing serious psychological damage to the child by rushing his bowels the way I do!!!

So, it's settled...I'm going to get a jump on my New Year's Resolution this year and REALLY try to learn to be patient!


Heidi said...

OK, I read JAKE not JACK on the whole pooping thing, and thougth I was going to have to stop reading because it was way too much information, but then I reread it. Thank goodness. I am working on patience too, but damn it if it isn't coming quickly enough.

Kameron said...

My mom told me never to wish for patience because then you always get more chances to use them! I feel you though. I too am a spoiled brat and had a wake up call when I got to college, but I managed somehow!