Friday, November 21, 2008

The Story of Lily...

This is the tale of how The One Who Doesn't Say Much, came to be...

A few months after Avery's first birthday...I got the itch. My little boy was healthy and happy and getting more independent every day. I knew I wanted our kids close in, I thought it would be a good time to start thinking about another one.

Jake didn't have any objections...he knew the drill and was completely on board. are the only one I didn't have to "talk your father into!" So we decide to start "trying". Jake was thinking, "Sweet...months and months of sex...lots and lots of, day in and day morning, noon, and night...more sex than any human can stand!"

Yeah...not so much. How about sex for two weeks, Lily was conceived...and I immediately started having morning sickness. So much so that I wouldn't let Jake near me for the next nine months. Part of the reason I wouldn't let him near me was the morning sickness...then it was the horrible gall bladder attacks I was having while pregnant...then it was the fact that I had a HUGE nine pound baby flipping and flopping between my lungs, my bowels and my bladder...oh yeah, and my extremely painful and inflamed gall bladder!!!

Lily's birth is one of my favorite memories. As long as I've known Jake...I've only seen him brought to tears twice. The first time being when Joey died, of course. The only other time I've seen him cry was when he was holding his baby girl for the first time. It was one of the many, many times I've fallen madly in love with him over the years!

We had our girl. Our precious, quiet, shy, loving, witty, strong, funny, smart, moody, tom-boyish, and oh, so beautiful little Lily Kate. My breath of fresh air in this wild, crazy, and extremely LOUD life with boys. Lily, you were conceived out of love, desire, confidence, contentment, and happiness...a house full of happiness!



The White Family said...

That is so sweet! Nothing in the world like your baby girl.