Monday, March 9, 2009

The One Who May Never Again See the Light of Day

This is my new name for The One Who Knows Everything!!

What do you do with a 9 year old who thinks he runs the show. He is generally a good kid, but is disrespectful to adults...excluding his parents.

I got a call from school that a teacher had to get onto him for arguing with another kid...he wasn't in trouble, just taken aside. Well, he started disrespecting the teacher by ignoring her, turning his back on her when she talks to him, and refusing to do as he was told. Hereby, landing himself in a heap of trouble...complete with an office referral and phone call home! Keep in mind that he doesn't do this to his father and I...only to coaches and teachers. It's embarrassing!

This is sounding familiar isn't it??

I've compiled a list of possible punishments to try to teach him a lesson:

1. Ground him
2. Rip his toenails out
3. Strip him of all privileges
4. Put him up for adoption
5. Confine him to his room depriving him of the attention that he demands
6. Scalp him
7. Make him write thousands of sentences, "I will not be an asshole."
8. Beat him within an inch of his life Corporal punishment
9. Set him up in a tent across the street and let him fend for himself since he thinks he's grown
10. Drain the bank account and book myself the next flight to Fiji...ALONE!!

What on earth do I do??


Musings of the Mrs. said...

My vote is for Fiji. But thats because I'm selfish and childless. You probably will want to do something like ground him or take away privileges, because he is your child and you'd probably miss him too much if you were in Fiji.

~~Mel~~ said...

My boy is pretty rude and disrespectful...but it's just to his parents and only at times. Maybe this is what I have coming to me in the next few boy is only 7 currently.

Shelly said...

maybe ALL the above! just kidding! what does he say about this when yall are home talking/yelling at him about this? i mean, what does he have to say for himself? i would think he would be afraid to be bad enough to have a call go home to YALL! maybe when he gets in minor trouble at school he is embarrassed about being in trouble and thats why he acts the way he does...but then again if it embarrassed him too bad then he wouldnt get into trouble in the first place. MAN, I DONT KNOW! Its hard to tell other people what to do with THEIR own kid and we arent there yet so not sure what we would do. its easy to say what i would do NOW but thats because i am not dealing with it. BUT if you really want to have an answer as to what we would do if our oldest, which of course isnt 9 (he is 6) got into trouble for being disrespectful at school i would think that he would be in ALOT of trouble! grounded would be number one of course and then like maybe when we go to kellys he is still grounded and just sits and watches everyone else play or there would be no tv, games...that sort of thing, my mom use to make kell and i write stupid sentences when we got into trouble, like 100 times i will not do...whatever it was we did, but thats just a waste of time. i would rather them be doing something like reading, something useful...GOOD LUCK THOUGH! dont know if yall spank your kids but does he still get these if so? what have yall done in the past with him and has it worked? NOT looking forward to these years!

Jill (Sneaky Momma) said...

I'd be headed to Fiji.... :)
Hang in there, Nikki. Go get 'im!

Kameron said...

Sorry, I'm only in the hitting phase. I think I have a little bit of time before he starts doing this shit on purpose! I would ground him though. Take away what he likes most, be it video games or tv, whatever works for you. If all else fails I'd be happy to join you in Fiji!

heidi said...

9 year olds..I swear it. Who the hell do they think they are, anyway??

Sienna got in trouble awhile ago for being rude with a friend of hers to other people. I grounded her from that friend and gave her a penalty chore to occupy her obvious abundance of free time. Then I made her call and apologize to the adult and child she was rude to.

Since I'm a perfect parent then that's what you should do, too.

*cough cough*

Tatman said...

My vote goes for #10, but only if you take "The One" with you. No fair leaving a brotha holdin' tha bag!

On a serious note, maybe have him listen to a lecture or long speech from someone boring, or about something boring. Make him take good notes and give him a quiz at the end. Maybe that will make him pay attention next time when it's more important....maybe.

Tatman said...

P.S. Do they still give out "licks" in school? Maybe if he just knows that the principal could do it might be enough persuasion.

Kameron said...

I had another thought. Maybe I can send over my toddler to kick his butt for you! :o)

Michele said...

Oh, Oh... I know, pick me! Here's what you do: Go with him into school wearing your bathrobe and curlers in your hair while he personally apologizes to the offended subjects. I have a 9 year old and I'm thinking that embarassment is the best punishment however you have to do it. Hey, or make him wear a sign that says "I'm still learning how to speak to adults" and make him stand in the front yard.
See how mean I am!

Melissa said...

I'm leaning a little towards Michelle on this sounds like you need to get creative with this kid, in punishment I mean. Reverse the rolls somehow, getting into his life...what he really loves and enjoys and be disrespecting of need to SHOW him what he's doing is wrong. Am I making any sense here? Good luck with that!

Elisabeth said...

I like Michele's idea! I've only had to threaten to do this with Double A and he straightened up pretty quick!

Melissa said...

How's it going with that now!? Hey stop over as you have been tagged!

Khadra said...

Fiji, I will join you!

All these B's and Me! said...

I would take away priviliges and anything he enjoyed.. Maybe even make a shirt that says.. I disrespect adults and make him wear it, lol.