Sunday, March 1, 2009

Nanny Nanny Boo Boo

I was tagged by Tim at The Fort, and am now required by law, to list 6 weird things about me. Let me see what I can come up with...

1. I don't wear underwear...kicked the habit about 4 years ago. That's hot, isn't it? However, now my children are following suit! Not so hot!

2. I like grape jelly on my scrambled eggs.

3. I am very obsessive about food. If I find something I like...I'll eat it every single day, until I'm burned out. Then I'll move on to something else. My recent introduction and obsession with Taco Cabana's flour tortillas and queso is directly responsible for the last 5 pounds I've gained! Ya wanna know what my current obsession is? Pickled okra...I eat it every single day!! I'm eating it right now!!

4. I'm still a little afraid of the dark.

5. I have to sleep on the side of the bed that is furthest from the door to the bedroom. I do it in hotels, and even if we rearrange our bedroom furniture...I will switch sides of the bed to be away from the door. more weird thing about me...this is hard...

6. I'm reaching here...I have a very photographic memory. I can remember numbers and pictures that I see only briefly and remember them forever. However, my auditory memory SUCKS A BIG ONE!!! The One can ask me to do something...I will begrudgingly jump right up and once I'm on my feet...I will forget what it was he asked me to do. I remember faces forever...but, can't remember names for the life of me!!

So...for this one, I will tag a few of the new followers of my blog. Most of them were recently lured here by my NMM post titled "X Rated edition"...they're a dirty minded lot...but, I love them just the same!

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Donnetta said...

DUH!! Sometimes I'm a little SLOW!

Got it!!

All Things Family said...

Ok...I have to tell you, I LOVE taco C, and miss it terribly! I gained all of my freshman 15 in college from TC and alcohol! And, I share your fear of the dark...if I turn out the lights downstairs before turning on the light that will get me upstairs, I start panicking and thinking someone is going to jump out and get me! What the hell...I'm 31 freaking years old, lived alone for years, and a mom of 1.5 kids!

Elisabeth said...

Grape jelly on scrambled eggs is delicious!

Kameron said...

Bubbles tagged me too. I'd better get to it! Oh, and grape jelly on eggs is nasty girl!

All these B's and Me! said...

k - I have never heard of jelly on eggs.. Not knocking it though.. I'll have to try that one and get back with you on that.

A. Either loved it.
B. Ended up in the shitter all afternoon.. Let's hope it's A.! :o)

Michele said...

I am the same way about sleeping away from the door! Hmmm, grape jelly on eggs sounds pretty unsavory but whatever blows your hair back girl! I also used to mow down TC's queso and chips like nobody's business but thankfully they closed here (one less tempatation). Take care!