Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I'm not religious...AT ALL! That's a-whole-nother post and I won't get into it now...but, even though I'm not religious, I know what Christmas is SUPPOSED to be about! So, 23 days before the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ, I find myself wondering...What would Jesus want for his birthday?

Would he want my family financially strapped for the 8 weeks preceding the celebration of his birth while trying to buy gifts for a bunch of people who don't need shit?? I'm talking about Grandma, Aunt Sharon, myself and my own greedy little children! None of us NEED another pair of pajamas...none of us NEED another picture frame...none of us NEED a Wii Fit. Well, I could probably argue that point, because I have packed on a few pounds and I do NEED something to get my fat ass of the couch. Okay, I digress!!

We're already living on peanut butter, Ramen noodles and stretching out a whole frier chicken for as many meals as possible...I mean, we're running out of things to cut back on people!! Are you going to be the one to tell my innocent little children that we have to cut out Mom's happy pills this month so we can buy Aunt Mildred a stupid sweater with a penguin on it?? Huh...are you??? Because they all know what Mom is like without her happy pills...and they will tell you it's not good, not good AT ALL!!! Are you going to be the one to tell my sweet husband that we have to cancel the cable this month and he will miss the Cowboys and the Mavs games for the next 30 days in order to buy some relative that we only see once or twice a year a new scarf?? I would advise against it my friend!!!

I wonder...would Jesus want my husband and I...who normally NEVER, EVER fight...screaming at each other over the holiday custody arrangements of my nieces and nephews. Custody arrangements that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with either of us.

Would Jesus want an innocent man to be trampled to DEATH because some pricks are in a race to buy their over-indulged little brats ANOTHER video game system for $20 less than it's MSRP??? that what he would want...a dead guy for his about a shitty gift!!! Like I said...I am far from religious...but, I'm thinking it's not what he had in mind!

Alright, I'll stop the ranting and the raving...I gotta run anyway. I gotta do a little more online shopping and make a run to the storage shed I had to rent to hide ALL the gifts I got for my children!!!!


LucieP said...

the Wal Mart story seriously has me so upset! I mean really---was it worth it?!!!

I will say-it feels kinda good sometimes to rant and get it out!

Nicole said...

you know what?

i bought friendship bracelets for the ppl that matter the most...

everyone else gets a hug and a smile...

xoxoxox, nicole

All these B's and Me! said...

You are so damn funny! I laughed so hard and nodding my head the whole time in agreement! :o)