Saturday, December 6, 2008

I love your work!!!

The One Who Gets Away With Murder is really into Santa this year. His favorite movies right now are Elf and Fred Claus...he watches them over and over again.

He's questioning the process...A LOT. It's a sign that he's growing up and needs a little more info on how/why a fat man in fur is going to break into our house while we're sleeping, eat our food, then leave us presents..BUT if and only if, Jack minds his Mommy.

He asks repeatedly, "Is Santa going to deliver our presents, or will his brother, Fred, deliver them?"...and, "Mom, we don't have a is Santa going to get in? Do we need to leave a key out?"...and, "Why do I have to WRITE Santa a letter? What if he doesn't get it? Can't I just call him and tell him what I want." So 5 years old, my kid has already developed a mistrust for the USPS!!

Since the boy is only in Pre-K and can't write, yet. I asked him to dictate his letter to me. It went like this...

Dear Santa,

I would like a bunch of Star Wars guys...lots of them. I want a Nintendo DS. I love video games and would like some more. That's all I need.

I love your work.

"I love your work!!!" How hilarious is that??? I mean...I get it...if I wrote a letter to Chris Martin or Judd Apatow...I would definitely say..."I'm a fan, I love your work."

My boy is a Santa fan!!! Soooo damn cute!


Kameron said...

Sounds like he's got a bit of his mommy's wit!! :o)

Heidi said...

I love your work. hahahah! I have got to meet these kids of yours. Oh, and Fred Clause. I have been a huge Vince Vaughn fan for like ever! I had to bribe my kid to rent the movie and now she won't stop watching it either.