Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sweet nothings!!

Here's something that every woman wants to hear. We all just long and dream of the day that our husbands utter these words.

The scene: He and I getting comfy and cozy in bed...snuggling up, 'spoonin', if you will. I back up against him and he tenderly wraps his arm around me and this is what the love of my life says:

The One: "What is this?" he squeezes a fat roll...nice, right?

Me: "'s not mine"...denial, that's how I deal with things!

The One: "What? Are you 'fat-sitting' or something!?!"

Isn't that beautiful! Doesn't it just make you want to melt...but, right before you melt, doesn't it make you kinda want to punch him square in the nose, knock some teeth out, give him a black eye...maybe break his jaw just a little!!

Right after he said it...he realized his mistake. He knew what he'd done...and this is what he said:

The One: "Shit!!! You're gonna blog about this aren't you?!? I'm going to have a mob of angry women after me tomorrow!"

Me: "Oh, you silly, silly boy...I wouldn't worry about a mob of angry women if I were you...I would worry about one very angry woman with whom you share your bed!"

I would probably divorce him if he wasn't speaking the truth! His brutal honesty is both a blessing and a curse. He may not tell me what I want to hear...but, he'll tell me what I need to hear. I tell people all the time..."He's an ass-hole sometimes...but he is one CHARMING ass-hole!"

And...yes, dear...I'm MOST DEFINITELY going to blog about this!!!


simplynicolepink said...

ha... HA!


the guys i'm with actually fight to see my fat rolls...


i think you're smokin hot btw...

just sayin.


xoxox, nicole

Kel said...

I will punch him for ya next time I see yall!

All these B's and Me! said...

My husband is what they call "brutely honest" entirely way too much. We know when we have put on a few pounds... HELLO it's our body.. You don't have to tell us! I pretty much say to mine "Thanks Dick, did your hand shrink just like your penis"? That will get him to shut up about any fat rolls he may grope, lol.

I think you look GREAT!!

Kameron said...

Good times. They are not always smart about what they say. He's lucky you're such a good sport. And of course you'd blog about it! My hubby asks me that too. :)

gina said...

that's too funny. my husband is the same way. he likes to point out zits too and go "what's that?". what do you freakin' think?!!

Kimmy said...

LOL!! OMG...I never read this before. I was fairly new to the bloggy world at that time though.

What a PUNK though!! lol

You look great though :O)