Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gonna party like it's 1999!!!

Rather than one, long, ginormous New Year's post, I'm going to break this thing down...and don't have me break this thing down for nothin' I wanna see ya'll on ya'll baddest behavior...lend me some sugar...I am your neighbor!

Sorry, I got carried away channeling Andre 3000. You can take the girl outta the hood, but you can't take the hood outta the girl!

I'm going to reflect on 2008 over the next week. Hell, let's make it 8 days. I'll follow suit with Alicia, at Two B's And Me and I will give 8 valuable lessons I learned this past year. This will give me time to really think about it...and check in with myself to see what will stick with me about 2008.

Ya'll be careful tonight...don't do anything that I wouldn't do. Here's a list of things that I wouldn't do on New Year's Eve in case you need it for reference:

1. Stay sober! Bor-ing!
2. Kiss someone other than my significant other at midnight!
3. Go streaking! No, strike that...because ya just never know!
4. Pass out before midnight!
5. Drive drunk! pack your jammies!

That's only 5 things I wouldn't, wait...I removed one of those. So, only 4 things I wouldn't do...that leaves it wide open!

Have fun..and...