Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm alive! WooHoo! Thank God, I'm alive!!

Christmas came and went...just like it does every year, and unfortunately, I say this with much joy and jubilation! I'm just so happy to have survived it!

Don't know what made this year so stressful...but it was! I'll try to figure it out and change it for next year.

One big problem I'm running into is the whole Santa thing. The One Who Knows Everything is onto us...totally! Why am I surprised? He knows the truth...he knows the big guy isn't real, but is just being kind and not completely fronting us out...maybe for the sake of his brother and sister.

The One Who Doesn't Say starting to question the process...but, staying true to form...she's not talking! The One Who Gets Away With Murder...he still has the carefree spirit of a 5 year old and totally believes...but, the questions are coming. I can feel it.

Am I alone...or do you all feel like a putz for lying to your children? To build a case for myself in the future...I've never said the words, "Yes, Santa is real." I dance around the truth with OJ Simpson-like agility..."I didn't put the presents there...Daddy, did you?"..."I've never seen Santa...have you?"..."Do you think he's real?" "If the Santa suit doesn't must acquit!"

I feel like I'm setting them up for major disappointment. I don't want to lie...but, I don't want to kill the spirit of Christmas for them at such a young age. I don't know about your Santa...but, ours is broke. Broke as a joke. As they get older, they're asking for bigger and bigger things. This year...The One Who Knows Everything asked for a laptop...Santa can't afford shit like that...and definitely can't afford shit like that for all three of them!! Santa asked Dr. Soos (my mother) to help a jolly-brotha out! In perfect Grandma form...she obliged. She spends the night with us on Christmas Eve and after Santa gifts in the morning, we exchange gifts with her.

The look of disappointment on The One Who Knows Everything's face was crushing when he saw that Santa hadn't brought his laptop. Part of me was thinking, "Look, you little have no idea how hard it is to get you everything you want for Christmas...your Dad works his ass off, we cut back and save...just to get you the things you want...Don't you dare pout, I will beat you on Christmas!" But, dawned on me...he's wishing and hoping to this magical, make believe person to make all his dreams come give him everything he asks for...and all he has to do is mind his parents! In his defense...I'm sure it's a little disappointing when you ask the big guy for one thing...and one thing only...and you wake up and it's not there! I'm sure it's a pretty big blow to a nine-year old!

Then it gets me thinking about the people who are financially much worse off than we the hell do they give their kids what they ask for? I can totally see why those growing up in low income families, or poverty stricken households are more likely to participate in criminal behavior...THEY'RE PISSED OFF! Probably because Santa disappointed them year after year...they hoped and wished and behaved their little asses off...all for nothing. Then they find out..."Oh, by the way, he wasn't real were never going to get all that shit you wished for! Now grow up and get a sucks...DEAL WITH IT!" I'd probably start shooting the place up, too!

I'm just having a real problem with the whole idea of Christmas. Not religiously speaking...I get all that and have plenty of issues with that, as well. I mean, I know I turned out just fine believing in Santa and all...but, I'm just it all necessary?


heidi said...

THAT is exactly why we don't do Santa. It's not for religious reasons or anything - but for those precise reasons you just stated.

We also abstain from all other make-believe gift/money bearing activities,, as well.

Kameron said...

I guess when we were younger it was a bit simpler. We didn't have options like laptops so Santa was a little more realistic. I don't remember being all that crushed when I found out Santa wasn't real. My mom explained that Santa wasn't necessarily a real person but the spirit of Christmas and the times we had were magical. I kept up the ruse for my brother for a couple more years after I found out. Ok I am rambling. I'm not sure what you should do, but I am going to pass on Santa to my kids because it's fun and magical when you are little. I guess I will have to cross the reality bridge when I get there!

Heidi said...

Girl! My daughter asked for a trip to Texas for Christmas. Thank goodness we were already going. What do you think she's going to ask for next year? I already told her she shouldn't ask for a trip EVERY year. Jeeze! Can you imagine? It's hard and I feel like I have to "overdo it" to keep that majestic feel. URG. you are certainly not alone.

j-may said...

i think you have to do santa, its too much fun for them and you! or i think so anyway. but i understand where you are coming from. i am sure its harder the older they get cause they know santa isnt real but then they should also know money doesnt grow on trees but i know kids will be kids and do think that money grows on trees! but maybe limit the santa gifts or all gifts from yall too not just santa. tell them to make a list of what they want or give you their one, two or three they want the most...also, put an amount out there as to what santa or mom and dad can buy so then they know what to ask for within that amount. i am sure the earlier you start this process the easier to do so. but if jack or jake were to ask for something that we know we arent and or cant buy then we would say santa cant bring you something like that, he has a whole world of kids to buy and or make for not just you and if they think it should be a gift from mom and dad and not santa then that would be even easier...we dont just have you to buy for, or if this is what you want then that will be it but if you cant or wont buy even one thing that cost a lot then you just say what i said above...but i am sure no matter what you say the kid will have a come back to it. we always get the kids too much and afterwards are like they would have been just as happy with less. I am thinking about limiting the amount santa brings next year, telling the boys decide on your top three things to ask santa for within reason of course and when they know the truth about santa then tell them to decide on their top two or three for mom and dad to buy too. i mean my kids get stuff all throughout the year and their birthday so going overboard on christmas gifts really makes no sense! but anyway, i think you for sure have to do santa! heidi, so your kids have never questioned santa or yall have told them he is not real from day one?? and if you told them the truth do they tell their friends this?? just curious...