Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are you there, God...It's me, Nikki


Stay with me here, folks...we're going to swing out wide, then come back around to make a point...I promise!

I consider myself spiritual, not religious. I feel like we all have the ability to be as close as we want to, to God, or Allah, or Muhammad, or Buddha...to whomever we pray...without someone standing in a pulpit telling us what we should and shouldn't do and even worse...impressing fear and guilt on a congregation.

My personal beliefs...I believe in a higher power...I don't know who or what he/she/it is...but, I believe in an afterlife and a spiritual existence. I just don't choose to associate myself with any one particular religion. I don't judge those who do or try to impose my beliefs on anyone else...and hope for the same in return. To each his own...and what a miserably boring place this would be if that weren't the case and we were all the same!!!

On the other hand, The One doesn't really believe in a higher power. He's analytical and a realist...and ALWAYS keeps both feet firmly planted on the ground. Most of the time...this is a perfect balance to my wandering mind.

Alright...we're going to start the wide-swinging...

In my Psych class this fall, I learned about the refractory period during sexual stimulation. It's the period of time after an orgasm, during which a man/woman cannot climax again. Most women have a very short refractory period, if they have one at all. Most men have a refractory period that is at the very least, several minutes and can be hours or even days! This is something we've all pretty much figured out for ourselves, though...without the psychology dudes explaining this to us.

Last night, I got to thinking about these refractory periods. I thought to myself:

What would it be like if it were the other way around? What if men had multiple orgasms and women only one and then a lingering refractory period? Men already have a souped up sex drive...can you imagine if they also had the ability to have multiple orgasms? They wouldn't work, or eat, or sleep and our species would've died out very soon after it began, because men would spend all there time in their personal Masturbatoriums.

Which then led me to think:

This might be the most convincing argument I've yet come across, that there is indeed an intelligent design. Someone up there knew what he was doing. Someone up there knew that:

testosterone + no refractory period = extinction

When I argued my point to The One last night...I even had him questioning things a bit!

Alright...thanks for sticking with me...I told you I'd bring it back around and tie a nice, neat, pretty little bow around it. So, maybe it's not a nice, neat bow...maybe it's string and twisty ties and whatever I could find handy...but, you get my point, right?


Kameron said...

I love the original thought process that went into your epiphany! I am a scientist and, usually God and science are at odds, but I definitely believe in a higher power. In my studies of the human body, it seems to me that all of the intricate processes that go on every second could not have developed by chance. Not to bore you with too much technical crap, but think of how our DNA is composed. There are so many minute details that have to be perfect for us to exist that it couldn't have just exploded into existence. I digress, but thanks for the fresh logic. I like it!