Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Taking care of business...


For those of you who're too scared to go to WalMart, for fear of your life...first of all, MOVE!!...Or, if you're too good for WalMart...I have a Target card for ya!! Better?

Great ideas so far...

And if I go with Kam's idea, is "Phuckin' Photography" too offensive? Would you hire "Phuckin' Photography" to shoot your new baby? Maybe? No? Think about it...it's definitely got a ring to it!!

*********ORIGINAL POST************

I took maternity pictures of my ex-neighbor this weekend, and it was my first official shoot.

I did this one pro bono, on account of...she used to put up with our drunk asses on the weekends, when we would play poker with her parents, and hang out at their pool.

Yes, she is the daughter of friends of ours. Which means, I'm fucking old!


She is gorgeous, and her name is Stolle.

Like the vodka.

I dig that about her!!

Check 'em out...






I love taking pictures. I always have. I'm happy to be doing it and will be happy to, eventually, be bringing in a little extra cash flow. Maybe I can save enough money to just buy myself an effing nursing degree online. That might be something to look into, since the universe seems to keep putting shit in my path, hindering the honing of my mad nursing skills.

Anyway, I love it...but, I don't love NB Photography. I need a name for my business. I don't have a soft, pretty, fluid name like Alicia White, or Brooke Gorman.

My name is hard. Nikki Bullock. It just doesn't flow. It doesn't sing.

Rather than reverberating through the air...it falls out of your mouth and hits the pavement, with a thud.

It barks.

Which, actually suits me perfectly, I s'pose. But, it doesn't look good on paper. Especially picture paper!

So, I am pleading with you guys to help me out with a name.

I'll even make it worth your while. I'll send you a little something, as a thank you...if I end up using the name you suggest.

Oooh...I know. I have a gift card in my wallet for like $10.83 to Wal-Mart. It's left over from when I returned...probably a bra, or something...but, I'll send it to ya.

Now that I think about it...I might have used it. So, you may get an empty gift card to Wal-Mart...I don't know.

That'll be fun, too.

It'll be like playing the lotto...kinda.

You'll be in the check out line, you'll swipe the card I gave you...there'll be that dramatic pause, where you hold your breath, wondering if there is any money in your bank account when the computers are running slow...you'll be nervous, hoping that you've won.

"Come on...big money...no whammies...", you'll say.

Aaaaaaaaaand stop!

The cashier says, "Sorry, the gift card is empty."

Awwwwwwww...so close.

But, the adrenaline rush would be the real prize. That'll make it worth it.

Don'tcha think? Will you help me? Please?


Stacey said...

Great pics! My favorite is the two of them showing their stomachs. I have never seen anyone do that pose before. Good luck on coming up with a name.

Kimmy said...

Great photos Nikki!!! I haven't done anything professional with people so how the heck do you get your name on the pics?????????

I'm still having issues with my name also. I've played around with the whole "Kim Phillips Photography" and not so sure about it either. I'll get to thinking about yours. You can keep the Walmart gift card since I'm so Anti-Walmart!!! I'll take Target though...LOL!! Of course, that's if you pick the name I choose for you.

Okay, off to start pondering....

Chamuca said...

I love the one with both of their bellies, too.

Maybe you can come up with a totally kickass pseudonym for yourself when you're bein' a photographer. Then use that on the pics.

Anonymous said...

What about Footloose Photograhpy? Your the most chilaxed, footloose and and fancy free person I know. Just a thought. I will take the Wal-Mart card. They sell box wine there! LOL Luv, Ern

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Oh I love the one of them BOTH comparing their bellies...as far as the name is concerned, what about:

Bullock Photography
Nik Bullock Photography
Nik Photography

Just throwing something out there, I think your name sounds great!!!

Kameron said...

I love your sense of humor and the fact that daddy's belly got in on the action! That is great! Too bad people wouldn't appreciate the humor in "Phuckin Photography". I think it would be awesome! Ha! I will put a little thought into it and get back to you on something you can really use.

Cat said...

What if you don't shop at walmart because that requires going south of bellevue which is more like gambling with your life. I don't know. I'm really competitive and if I jump into this contest, I might actually win and then I would feel like I have to do something with that card and that might be dangerous. Hmm. I'm gonna have to think about this. I mean really, really think about this.

Jessica said...

I love those pictures..you're so talented!! The one of their bellies is way too cute!!

Janelle said...

Those are great pictures!

Kristy said...

This might be cheesy - No Bounds Photography (you could be even cheesier, No Bownds) Of course not everyone would get that.

I say scrap the nursing and go full force photography - I think you are very talented in it. I also love the pics with the bellies!

MrsW said...

Are you a Nicola? or a Nicole? It's hard to part with Nikkii (I know this) but I still manage to answer to my parents and that guy Ross I sat next to in Math class for years (I have no idea why he called me Nicola - it's not like he was my secret uncle or anything). I reckon if I were to ever have anything like a grown up endeavour to attach my name to I'd ditch Nikkii in favour of my softer real name. I have little intention of growing up all that much tho :)

Brooke said...

Great maternity session! Oh, and trust me, I'm still not smitten with BG Photography. I couldn't come up with anything original.

But when I see your name, I think simply Nikki B Photography...it flows. You could even have the "B" be big and scrolly to stand out.

Kameron said...

I like Brooke's idea of Nikki B or No Boundaries, since you have none! I still love my first idea, but people just don't have the sense of humor that we do!

Hurricane Rojo said...

Billie Nullock

Hurricane Rojo said...

Concert Face Photography

Hurricane Rojo said...

I'm good at this name thing. Would you like to be a Pirate? I'll be back, don't worry.

Alicia W. said...

LOVE that your doing this now.. From day one of looking at your photos I always thought you had that talent of taking great pictures. So happy for you and I hope you make mega bucks.

Ok.. As far as the photography name.. Here is my suggestions..

Nucking Futs Photography - Ha!
Classy & Sassy Photogrpahy
Nikki Pix Photography

Beth said...

Ok, so I know you arent necessarily the sentimental type, but why not make your photography a mention of your memories?

I suggest that you consider

Joey's Memories

Kaolinmommy said...

I'm catching up after falling off the face of the earth.

Hilarious post. Love the photos. As for a name? Aah, I got nothing. Sorry. But I do like the NikkiB idea.

Rassles said...

Bitch please. The dueling preggo picture? Fucking amazing.

Sue said...


Hey girl!! LOVE your pics! They are beautiful! I have been so busy here. Just lurking everywhere :) What camera lenses combo are you shooting with? You are amazing!