Monday, October 26, 2009

All Hallows Eve...

Totally ditching the kids this Halloween for a bad ass concert!

Don't worry, they'll be fine. You give a kid a bucket of candy...they forget all about the neglect!

We saw these guys in Austin at ACL...and this is the concert we were trying to get into when Jake was snapped and curtsied at, by two gay, middle aged men.

Ghostland Observatory.

They are RIDICULOUS, and put on one helluva show. Complete with lasers and glow sticks!! Yeah, it's that kinda party.

Our friends are coming up from Austin, and my good friend D, from high school, and her husband are hanging with us.

D and J are dressing up as the Queen of Hearts and the Madd Hatter from Alice...Tucker and his girl are gonna come up with something...which just leaves Jake and I.

Jake really doesn't want to dress up...and I wanna do something that I'll be able to be comfortable in for the show.

What'd'ya think? What should I dress up as?

I have a fro that would be fun...and thought about dressing up as the lead singer with tight ass jeans, braids, and aviators.

Are you guys dressing up this year? If so...I need ideas. Cheap, easy, ideas conducive for the groove that I'll be getting on!


Allie said...

Be a naughty nurse...won't be that much of a stretch! I'll be passing your friends on 35 as I will heading TO Austin to celebrate Ole Hallows Eve! Enjoy the show :)

Mama SeWELL said...

Sounds better than my idea...which is LAME-O! But oh well its easy, cheap to make, and theres not alot of choices w/ a king sized man. So we will be Mr. & Mrs. Pacman...or Im gonna be Mrs. Pacman by myself. His idea is Fat Albert & theres nothing that goes with that!
Cant wait to see what you come up w/..have fun!

Chris M. said...

Darcy and I are going as Bonnie and Clyde. We have this "problem" that we both are in constant competition to see who can snatch the best item (pint glasses/ashtrays/condiment holders...etc) from bars/restaraunts. So we are referred to as Bonnie and Clyde by friends.
What is wrong with me?

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

So my idea as going as a pair of dice is out...huh? I mean a big cumbersome box...maybe not the best groove material...Hmmm...How about Sonny and Cher...that is kinda concertish...;) Make him do it!!!

Bridget said...

My husband and I are going as Guitar Heroes...we're going to be dressed up kind of punkish. We're going to his best friends party and I haven't worn a Halloween costume since I was in college so this ought to be fun!

Hurricane Rojo said...

So last year I went as Sarah Palin. It was appropriate at the time, and I was totally hot. Check out my Facebook pics.

This year, I am going as a cloistered nun, whose skirt ends at the cooch, with fishnet stockings and CFM's, and total whore makeup. I got the getup for like 17 bucks at Walmart. SOLD!

But nobody will lend me their damn rosary! And I damn sure am NOT going to the Catholic Church to get one! This is the South - the Bible Belt. There is one Catholic for every one million Protestant. I swear to God. Where the hell am I gonna find a damn rosary?

Anyway, enough about my damn rosary problems.

Can't wait to see you're concert face. And if you are wearing a rosary while doing the concert face, I am personally coming to Texas, and kicking your redneck concert face Texas ASS.

Mind Of Mindi said...

That sounds like a ton o' fun!! You should totally be Lady Gaga but anything she wears isn't really moveable-whatever she wore on the stage at the VMA's would probably work? Blood and all? Haha! Have fun!

heidi said...

I have no idea what you two should be. I've just sat here staring at the damned comment screen forever trying to come up with something inspired. Bert and Ernie? (Damnit, do we HAVE to watch Sesame Street again, boys? C'MON!)NO idea, but the concert sounds fun!

Rassles said...

Wayne and Garth.