Thursday, February 19, 2009

Brotherly Love???

It's Thursday and my brain has been muddy, I hopped over to MammaKat's for something to blog about!

The Prompts:

1.) If you were starring on American Idol TONIGHT and HAD to sing, what song would you choose and why. Probably Dani California by the Red Hot Chili Peppers...because it's the only one I can stay on pitch with on Rockband...because it's more like a rap...because I suck...HARD!

2.) Take a picture of yourself right this minute without primping and explain to us why it is you have not washed your hair today. You would like that wouldn't make yourself feel'd be all, "Daaaaaaamn...that chick needs a least I don't ever look like that in the morning..." Yeah, I DON'T THINK SO!

3.) I just asked Pat to help me with a writing prompt so here's his: "What do you think about the NBA All Star game"...blech. You lost me at NBA...

4.) What's your number one pet peeve? Develop a punishment for anyone caught in the act. I prefer not to blog about my murderous rampages...

I will, however, blog about my brother's...
5.) Write about something mean you did to a sibling growing up.

Okay...I have to change this around a little. I grew up with one brother, who is 8 years older than me. I was just a little girl when my brother was around before he left for college...I was neither big enough, or smart enough to ever do anything mean to him. The worst thing I ever did was tattle on him for one of the following things:

Like the time...when he was in his Rambo phase...which, by the way, prompted my Rambo phase (I worshipped the ground my brother walked on, I did!). I had full did my Cabbage Patch Kid! See, I may have been a tomboy...but, I was still maternal! Anyway, during his Rambo phase, both of us donned our camo attire, and he tied me to a tree and started throwing Ninja stars at me. Not little dollar store, plastic Ninja stars! NO!! I'm talking straight from the Army/Navy store...metal disc...polished to a point. But, not just one point...not even two, or three, but FOUR SHINY, SHARP POINTS! So, I'm about 8 years old, tied to a tree while my brother...who I chucking sharp hunks of metal at and around my head! I'm all, "Bub, please let me go...I'm gonna tell." And he's all, "Nope." And I'm all, "Bub, you're the're the're the coolest," because he made me say that kinda shit all the time. Finally, I panic and spew..."Bub, ants...there's ants all over me...please untie me." I was lying, or so I thought, and he bought it and set me free. Then, I realized that my subconscious mind had realized the ants in my panicked state. I truly was covered in ants. So, my bro grabs me and throws me in the shower...fully wash them off. I tattled...he didn't get in trouble.

Or, the time when he was home one summer from school...I think I was about 11, or so. Bub and I were fixing lunch, or something and he grabbed a knife...and threatened to stab me, or kill me...or worse! I freak out and run from him...he chases me...with the friggin knife...all around our 1400 square foot house! I finally lock myself in the bathroom to get away from him. He bangs and beats on the door...I'm picturing the movie, The Shining, and just knew that any minute my deranged brother would cut through the door and announce, "Heeeere's Rusty!" Then, it gets eerily quiet in the house. My ear is pressed to the door, listening for the psychopath...when I hear a tiny, tiny tapping behind me. I turn see my brother outside the window still wielding the knife, his face is contorted and his eyes are wide. I about piss myself and I think I started crying at this point. He realized that he'd gone too far, and his twisted little game ended. We go watch some MTV. When my parents got home...I tattled...he didn't get in trouble!

Now that I think about it...the meanest thing I have ever done to him...may be posting this picture...


There you have it...I was terrorized and tortured by my brother when I was a child, and seeing as he was never punished for the aforementioned's obvious to me now, that my parents loved him more than they loved me! I'm off...gotta call my therapist and tell him we've had a break-through!


Jess said...

Oh, your brother was a stud. Ha.

Nikki B. said...

"Did mom and dad bring in a stand-in brother when I was away at school? It must have been him, b/c I don't remember ANY of this stuff.

However, if it WAS me: Thanks for the indirect compliment about how accurate I was with throwing stars! :-)

I'm sorry if my derangement contributed to yours."

This is what my bro wrote in an email when he read my post. He NEVER remembers any of the stories I recall from our childhood. Is it his selective memory...or was I chained in a dark closet somewhere when I was a kid and made this shit up in my head...sometimes, it makes me wonder!!

Kameron said...

Nice 'stache! I can't believe he didn't get in trouble for throwing ninja stars at you!!! Yikes! Luckily all you got out of that experience was ants...and mental anguish!

Kimmy said...

What is up with our older brothers??!! They sure put mental scares on us, didn't they??!!

And I can't believe he never got in trouble. I tattled too and my brother always got in trouble. Thank goodness.