Friday, January 2, 2009

Life Lessons of 2008: Number 2

AirSoft guns were not the best idea for my boys!

After being shot in the ass, torturing a poor mouse then bedazzling him with the air soft bullet...and a little incident a couple of days ago, the air soft guns are being put away until the boys are much older!

For the safety of our family, we typically keep the bullet cartridge on a high shelf and The One Who Gets Away With Murder is allowed to play with the unloaded gun. He plays with the empty gun harm, no foul.

Well...we're still having problems with mice...and we go out in the garage to check our traps. Good news: We got the leader...this thing was giant. Bad news: the damn thing only got his back legs caught and he was dragging his half-trapped body and the trap across the garage! Soooo disturbing! So, we get the airsoft gun to bedazzle the beast and put him out of his misery. After the mouse was offed, The One makes the mistake of leaving one bullet in the cartridge in the gun and puts it back in The One Who Gets Away With Murder's room. His best friend, remember him...he comes over to play. Long story's too late for that isn't it...Jack shot Joe and I had to take this kid home to his parents with a gunshot wound.

I know, I know, I know...Ralphie's parents were right...he'll shoot his eye out with that thing. Don't worry, it's gone!


Kameron said...

Nice. My hubby wantes to get Nathan a non-working gun, but I just don't want it right now. When he is much, much, did I mention much, older maybe he can have one.

All these B's and Me! said...

Oh shit! Poor kid, lol.

gina said...

awww man, the image of a rat dragging his trap--yuck! good thing you got him but too bad for the neighbor kid!