Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The dog next door...

The One Who Doesn't Say Much plays with our neighbor's kid quite a bit. They just got a dog...strike that...they just got TWO new dogs. And what sweet, lovable, perfect for young kids...breed of dog did they choose for their family, you ask!!!



I suspect the conversation went something like this:

DAD - Hmmmmm...what kind of playmate do we want for our children.

MOM - Should we get a cute little fuzzy poodle?

DAD - Maybe a loyal labrador.

MOM - All kids love weenie dogs, what about one of those?

DAD - No...honey...let's get this one.

MOM - The precious little terrier?

DAD - No, silly...the giant bag of muscle behind him that's frothing at the mouth
and is destined to turn on us and eat our children's faces off when we least expect it!

MOM - Yes...that's the one...in fact...let's take two of them. We have two daughters...we should get two dogs...each dog can eat the face off of one of our children!!!

DAD - That sounds PERFECT!!!


Heidi said...

oh that sucks. now how do you let her over there anymore?

Kameron said...

Yikes! I guess they will be playing at your house now.

Jest said...

Yeah, I've never understood pitbulls. Just really not my kind of animal!

Kel said...

You better watch your kids, did you hear about that 3 year old that got mauled to death by the next door neighbors dog because the fence was broke or something! Just watch them and listen for them, that would scare me to death.

Chris M. said...

Buy a couple of pitbulls for yourself. I will also buy a few and then we can have a dog fighting party. 1st Annual Fight Night in Fate.
But definitely make it a BYOB gathering.

Chris M. said...

Oh yeah, and tell Jake he has to cook up a brisket.

All these B's and Me! said...

Too bad someone left the gate opened when the neighbors went to bed. Poor things just ran away. HA!!

Nikki B. said...

heidi and kam - i'm trying to let my kids play with them as much as possible...i want the dogs to know my kids...so that they are a fraction of one percent LESS likely to eat their faces off. it's the only thing i know to do!

jest - yeah...me either..we went with the weenie dog variety!

kel - got em covered!

chris - great idea...we'll transform our garage into a UFC cage for pits! brisket sounds good!

alicia - that's brilliant...we live backed up to a major highway...i could open the gate while they're at work...club them...the dogs, not the neighbors...to death then drag their lifeless bodies into the busy road...make it look like a horrible accident. that would fly, right? if it comes back to you...we never had this conversation...got it?

Elisabeth said...

I used to react the same way when it came to pit bulls. They are an extremely dangerous breed! Or they can be! I've learned through the years that really, it depends on how the owners raise them more than the breed they are. My brother had two pit bulls that had already been raised by other people. Both proved my fears of pit bulls. After he had them put to sleep because of the they turned out, he decided to get one more, only this time a pup and raise it himself. Her name is Sassy and she has only reinforced my brother's point, it has everything to do with how you raise them. Sassy is sweet and loving. She is very gentle with my niece and nephew and listens to her owner well. He isn't abusive towards her. He does give her a lot of attention.

If your neighbor is allowing their new dogs around other people like the mailman, and anyone else they come in contact with, then I would say that the chances of these pit bulls being mean and turning are extremely slim. But, if they are planning on using these two dogs as protection for the family, then I would say that the chances of them turning are much higher! Just my two sense with what I've personally experienced with my brother's pit bulls.

Kimmy said...

Holy shit!! You should really be a comedian!

And what the hell is wrong with people?? Do they REALLY need to risk the safety of their children just to have a pet, oh whoops...TWO pets! Boy, they weren't suttle about it ONE BIT, were they?!

Holly said...

HI Nikki

Thanks for your post on my blog - I just watched your video on Joey - what an amazing little boy. He definitely left his mark on the world.

I'll definitely start reading your blog...this post made me laugh already! :)


heidi said...

Gonna hafta go with Elisabeth on this one. WHile they may have a propensity for violent behavior, it will all be based on how they're handled. I think you're doing the right thing by letting the kids be exposed to them, thus familiar to the dogs. I also think I'd have wpeed myself a little, too, had my neighbors brought home two pit bulls...or dobermans...I hate those damned dogs. And chows. Hate them too. When we get our house and our Rotties, I'm gonna teach them that Chows and Dobies are dinner and dessert. Kidding. Mostly.

The Thompson's said...

Ok Nikki I gotta know what happened to the redneck post. That picture was hilarious.

Rassles said...

Ohh, something I know!

From what I know about pit bulls (and it's a lot, from working at a shelter, because the majority of the dogs there are some sort of pit variety) they are just as friendly as any other breed.

People who allow their dogs to become aggressive just shouldn't have pets at all. It's a sign that they weren't trained and socialized. It's our responsibility to make sure our dogs are friendly and trained, just as it's our responsibility to make sure our children aren't rapists and murderers.

It's the exact. same. thing.

The thing about pits is, you're right, they're a walking tank of muscle. They need exercise, and they need it all the time. They're extremely hyper, and not really very smart, but they are affectionate as all get out. Really, really, truly are.

It's a shame that some owners don't understand the animals they adopt and fuck up the image of a breed because of their ignorance.

(Sorry. I get pissed when people don't take care of their dogs. It's like having a child, but with fur, and sharper teeth.)

Rassles said...

That being said, I'm with Elisabeth and Heidi on this one: let your kids play with the dogs, definitely. Talk to your neighbors and make sure they don't mind if you familiarize yourself as well.

This should be done with any dog in the neighborhood, by the way. I mean, for example, Pit bulls have stronger bites than cocker spaniels. And usually, their aggression is from playing too hard, which is easily trainable. But a cocker spaniel? That dog will bite out of fear. And that's scarier, to me, because fear is much harder to work out than harsh playing habits.