Thursday, January 8, 2009

Risky little game...

I've run across Mama Kat's blog several times lately. I think her Writer's Workshop is a great idea on those days when you're at a loss as to what to blog about. For me...a day like today. You see, this is Day 3 of my cleanse...I'm detoxing something awful, I have a caffeine headache, I'm grouchy, irritable...and HUNGRY! I'm just so damned hungry!

So, the topic I chose was a risky one...I asked The One to list 6 words that describe me. I did, however, ask him via give him time to think and weigh his answers carefully. He knows as well as anyone that I am in no mood to be fucked with today...and I'm sure that might have had a some influence on his answers!

This is how The One described me:


He is soooo getting laid tonight!!


heidi said...

Oooh! Good list!!!

Detox, baby...detox.

jenn said...

Oh, I'm jealous. My list wasn't nearly that good. Of course I asked my sister, so there you go.

Kameron said...

They know when we need to hear the good stuff! So your detox is what? Are you doing the whole cayenne pepper, lemon honey in water thing?

Anonymous said...

The question is...did he know that's what your response would be when he made the list?! Just kidding! ;)

Heather said...

I could never give up caffeine. I thought about it last month when I was sick for a week and didn't have a single cup of coffee, but mentally I just need those 2 cups in the morning.

Heather said...

I'm just back to say I love your son's video at the bottom of your blog. Very touching, and a wonderful reason why everyone should consider organ donation.

Thanks for sharing your story.

All these B's and Me! said...

Good idea!! I might have to try this on my other half one day. We'll know if he did bad come the local five oclock news, lol.

Debbie said...

He knew just what he was doing, didn't he?

Kimmy said...

OMG! Love it!! LOL

BTW..cute dog (side bar) and um....either the picture is exaggerating or your dog has got one long ass tongue..LOL!