Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Flashback...

For some reason...this song has been running through my head all day...

So, I thought I'd dig up some old school pics to go along with it...


We graduated in 1995 and didn't get along all that well with the group of girls in the class above us. We mostly fought over boys...stupid effing boys!!

Anyway, it was 1994...our junior year...and it was the Junior/Senior PowderPuff football game. It might've been the most anticipated PowderPuff game in LHS history because of the rivalry we had with the senior girls.

When the game started...we heard the senior's chant from their huddle..."One, Two, Three, Four...Juniors are whores!!!" Good one, right...point Seniors!

We played some football and tore up the scoreboard. Point Juniors!

When that wasn't satisfying enough...we dislodged some bitch's patella!

Aaaaaaaaand....the whores win the game!!!

The following photo is us Junior one of our training sessions!!


Ahhh...back in the day...


Nikki B. said...

Check out that first pic...

Is it just me or does it seem that eyebrows were really cool back then????

Mama SeWELL said...

You just crack me up everytime Im here. The trainig caption had me rolling!
Have a great weekend!

Michele said...

Another hilarious post, You and I could be BFF's! Um, what else were you supposed to do with the north candy cane poles? Funny pic.

Darla McLane said...

What the hell am I wearing?

The Thompson's said...

So since you gave me a nickname, does this justify me calling you the W word. LOL jk.

Nothing but Love here,


yeah thats right the other name was justabit too.......... I dunno GAY!

Jess said...

I'm loving all the plaid in those pictures!!

Just want to let you know that I fixed a typo that was likely blocking you from reading.


Kameron said...

We just weren't waxing them just eyt back then!!My mom's friends would always tell me I looked like Brooke Shields. Which really meant that I had huge eyebrows, right??

My hubby was singing that song last night, so it cracked me up to see that. I graduated in 96 so I was right there with ya sista!

Heidi said...

Hmmmmm. Where to start with this one! Ha! Seeing as I am one of the Seniors you are referring to. I have 3 things to say.
#1) I never remember that being said, oh my, but I can see some people saying it. (so sorry.)
#2) I cringe EVERY time I hear Back In Black.
#3) I am SOOOO glad that I was friends with most of you guys, especially Darla, you were out for blood and I was glad it wasn't mine. :) I think you guys earned that memory.

Nikki B. said...

Mama S -, too!

Michele - are you NOT supposed to look like a whore eating a candy cane that's 2 inches in diameter???

Darla - some tight ass white jeans!!! what are you wearing??? what the hell are any of us wearing???

Bubbles - i've been called worse...but, most of those people no longer have a pulse...i'm just saying.... ;D

Jess - i'm swearing off plaid and stripes forever after seeing these pics!

Kam - funny i wasn't the only one with that song playing in my head!! while it may be painful and pretty much just a pain in the ass...these pics have reminded me of the importance of keeping my eyebrows "high and tight"!!!

#1 - yeah, yeah, yeah...and i never inhaled, either!!!
#2 - i cringed a little just reading "back in black"...i forgot about sweet would it have been if that was the video i posted???
3# - me too...that's why i became friends with darla, too...if she was ever out for my blood...i'd have spilled it for her myself!! j/k d!!!

heidi said...

Niiiiice. Yk, the eyebrows were what I first noticed, too. LOL

Anonymous said...

What's a patella and where can I get one?

Damn Bitchy Seniors!