Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not cool…

Bands from Scotland are cool.

Especially this one…

Volcanoes, blowing ash up into the sky, between here and Scotland, impeding air travel for said cool band?  Not cool!

We’ve been wanting to see this band for about a year now.  We were in Austin at ACL, when they were in Dallas, last fall.  In March, at SXSW, we were close.  We were at a different show, and couldn’t get across town in time to see them at another venue. 

We were stoked that they were booked here in Dallas,  and my friend hooked us up with tickets.  Alas, that damn Icelandic volcano erupted, and the band can’t get here in time for tonight’s show.

Soooo NOT cool!


This Daddy said...

I am sorry that you can't go see them.

The only problem I have it that you want to put all the blame on the Volcano. Sometimes you can be a very mean person.

Volcano Expert,
Gall E. McOxbig

Rassles said...

You know what? Eff that volcano, whatever it's called, you know. a;ldsjf;alskjf;jluwo;irahsdn.m,n or whatever.