Thursday, April 29, 2010

First ya take ya laces…

A few of you guys asked for the link to the video we watched.  Here it is…

This video was moreso, a trip down memory lane, than effective shoe-tying instruction.  Not to mention, a tad creepy.  The little girl looks like she’s being held at gunpoint, to film this bit!!  Or possibly drugged.  Maybe a little bit of both!

After the video, we noticed that Jack was having trouble with the hand switching part of tying your laces.  Gotta give it to him, it IS a little tricky.  So, Jake came up with a way to teach Jack, that got us around the hand switching.  It was brilliant…Jack picked it up, right away! 

So, tonight, I’m gonna make a new video, of Jack tying his shoes, maybe that will help some of your little guys out!  And ultimately, help you out!  So you’re no longer the lazy mom, like me, sending her kid to 1st grade in velcro, because, it just SUCH a pain in the ass to teach kids to tie their laces!! 

Rest assured that there will be no muppets in our video…no children will be forced to participate, against their will…wait.  I can’t promise that…nevermind.  I can promise that I won’t be singing atrociously.  Which means, I won’t be singing, period, because when I do sing, it’s atrocious! 


Heidi said...

First of all, the video looked too creapy in "stand still" so I just didn't even push it. Not sure I could handle seeing motion with that. And yeah, I sent my kid to second grade not tying her shoes. I just not got my 3.5 year old to put on his own sandals. I OWN that lazy mom award!