Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh...the horror...

The kids went to see Transformers 2 with MIL this weekend. Now, while her son is completely comfortable with colorful words...MIL is not. She turns red when the word fart is mentioned, and still cringes a little every time my kids say penis or vagina around her.

So, Jack's aspirations of being a professional "Fuck-sayer" when he grows up, make for an interesting mix with MIL's conservative tongue.

This is a story relayed to me by MIL...

After the movie, which was apparently filled with extremely foul language, in the car on the way home, MIL warns the kids, "Now kids, you can't repeat any of those words in that movie, okay? Mom and Dad won't let me take you to the movies again if you go around saying those words."

I guess she doesn't know that we take her grandchildren to movies like this.

Jack seizes the opportunity to use foul language without risk of getting his mouth washed out with soap, pipes in, "You mean like "fuck" and "fuckin'" and "shit" and "ass" and --"

MIL, no doubt dying a little inside as she listens to her grandchild spewing profanity, interrupts, "ALRIGHT! Yes, Jack that's what I mean. Please don't say ANY of the bad words you heard in that movie, okay?"

Jack, horrified, says, "YOU MEAN I CAN'T EVEN SAY 'PUSSY'?!?"

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