Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day...

This 4th, we celebrated our independence...from two of our three children.

When I was a kid, I used to love being over at my aunts house. My two older cousins were always there, usually with some of their friends, so it was often a very full house. They always had the coolest toys and gadgets.

My aunt kept me while my mom worked and I remember crying every afternoon when five o'clock rolled around. I never wanted to go home. I always wanted to stay amid the chaos of my aunts house...lots of pets, lots of people, lots of toys, lots of fun.

We went to East Texas Friday to see my aunt for her birthday...she lives with my two cousins, their husbands and their six kids. LOTS of people...LOTS of pets...four wheelers, go carts, every video game system you can name, woods to explore, dirt to play in, hot tub to swim in, and lots and lots of fun.

Things haven't changed much...I usually try to find a way to stay out there amid the warm chaos, and my kids...THEY ALWAYS cry because they don't want to leave MeMe's house.

So, Jack and Lily stayed and spent the weekend with my family. They haven't even, I know they're having a great time.

Avery was with friends while we went to MeMe's house, so he didn't get to stay and pouted the entire weekend. We drug him to a fireworks show...he moaned and groaned something about four-wheelers and it not being fair that Jack and Lily were away. I eventually tuned him out, and Jake and I had a great time.

It was a pretty low-key weekend...the house is quiet, Avery is pissed, I'm studying and Jake's been catching up on his beauty sleep.

Celebrating our independence....


You will notice that this post contains NO EXPLETIVES. Since my aunt cannot stand to hear even the word FART...and this post is about her, I thought it appropriate to leave out the F-bombs...and "express myself" with real words!!! That...and the fact that one of my cousins is a Southern Baptist can only imagine how proud they are of me!!

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