Wednesday, July 15, 2009


From my Inbox...

I just had a thought..don’t ask me how or why. I know why the divorce rate is so high. Our society, including movies, books, tv, etc., only show us HOW to fall in love. Showing how magical and surreal it is, but then the story ends. There’s no update on how ‘happily ever after’ was achieved. It’s pretty sad isn’t it? I wish I were a director or a writer or something. I wouldn’t write love stories, I’d write staying in love stories. I would explain how if you’re truly in love with someone, you don’t just fall in love with them once, but over and over again throughout the years. And while it might not be as grand and emotional as the original, it’s still exciting knowing you can fall in love at any moment.

Freaking weird huh? I thought of this while doing a Sodoku puzzle.

I love you

If I still had a uterus, I'd wanna have babies with that, well...more babies with that man. Wait...what the hell am I saying?? More kids would just fuck things up...I just wanna, you stuff with him!!

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