Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On children...

In class, my professor, who is single with no children, was answering a question about blood flow during pregnancy and sharing immunities with the baby, etc....

She said something to the effect of, the mother giving everything to the child while in utero.

Then, she said, "For nine months, it's a parasitic relationship, because the child feeds off of the mother and he doesn't give her anything in return."

Sometimes shit just leaps off of my lips and I'm pretty sure I heard myself say, "NINE MONTHS? Parasitic for nine months? I have a parasitic 10 year old!!"

Aaaaaaand, next came the, "How awful for a mother to talk about her children that way" stares, by twenty-something year old trollops.

Who, if they are not careful, will be knocked up and in the same effing boat I'm in, interrupted college education, life placed on hold, twelve years and FOUR kids later, sitting in a classroom with a bunch of fresh-faced neophytes!!!!

Karma's a bitch, BITCHES!!!

So, hopefully, for their sake, it was rather a "WOW! She, in no way, looks old enough to have a TEN YEAR OLD" stare!!

Yeah, now that I think about it...I'm pretty sure it was the latter!!

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