Monday, February 1, 2010

Conversations on the couch...

Jack: "Hey...Dad. Remember that time...when Avery had that dick?"

Jake: "Uh...What? What did you just say, Buddy?"

*The other two kids, stop dead in their tracks, as this thing that their brother has said...might get interesting! As did I...and I'm just a smilin'. Completely looking forward to Jake trying to circumnavigate THIS colorful choice of words, by his youngest boy! Is it wrong that I find these moments ridiculously entertaining?*

Jack: "You 'member? When Avery got that dick?"

Jake: " don't know what you mean, son. Nikki. Help me. What is he trying to say?"

Me: "I have no idea...but, I'm intrigued."

Jack: "You know...Avery had that dick, and he was crying."

*Well, now I'm even more confused!*

Jack: "'Member? He was crying because you were gonna burn the dick off?"

*Lily has lost control, and is in a ball in the floor...hysterically laughing, repeating the word dick...over and over and over. Totally inappropriate...and totally endearing. She has my sense of humor! The child has no clue what that word means...but, she already knows it's funny!*

Jake: "WHOA! I think you're using the wrong word...where were we? What were we burning?"

Jack: "We were camping. Avery had a dick...and you were trying to burn it off with a fire poker."

*Not so excited that a memory of fire torture is etched so deeply into his memory...but, very excited that we finally have a context, to help figure out the mystery word!*

Jake: " you mean the TICK? When we tried to burn the tick off of Avery's arm?"

Jack: "Yeah! That's it. That tick! You 'member that? That was funny!"

Me: "No, dude...THIS is funny!"


Kristin said...

Freakin' hysterical! Burning the dick off, that would be a bit painful!

Happy Monday to you!

Tracy said...

Thats hilarious!

Stacey said...

Oh lord! The stories you will have to tell someday! hahaha!

Jes said...

LOL!!!! So funny! I would have stopped dead in my tracks too if I heard that :)

Bridget said...

HAHAHAHA!! Never a dull moment at your house!! :D

Kimmy said...

LOL!! That is so hilarious!

Kameron said...

You need to write a book of "Jack-isms". I'd read that shit!

Margaret said...

Lol that is too funny. I love when kids mix things up in there little heads.

S.I.F. said...

Classic! My best friends little boy couldn't say Duck for the longest time, it's alwasy came out F... you get the picture! We would take him to the pond by our house to feed the ducks and he would run ahead shouting "f***s f***s f***s!" It was pretty much amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, that is utterly hysterical!

This Daddy said...

Ok, please for the love of god, tell me that you guys don't burn dicks for fun. We never did that in Texas where I lived. We did alot of things with dicks but burning them was not on the menu