Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It takes a village…

Jack is one of those kids, that two sets of eyes, hands, and legs cannot possibly keep up with.  He would fair better in the household of a polygamist...because, sometimes...I wish I had some sister wives to help me out with that kid.

I learned a long time ago, that I couldn't chase him around everywhere he went, protecting him from himself.  When that little boy started toddling, I realized that god would have to help me out with his raising.  I just couldn't keep up on my own.

This picture was just the beginning.  He wasn’t yet able to walk, and was juuuuuust learning to stand. 

may_june_2004 049

It wasn’t enough for him to try balancing on solid ground…no.  He had to add an element of danger to learning to walk, that most kids wouldn’t dream of. 

That kid is fearless…and manages to get himself into a pickle, almost daily.

We've coaxed him down, from scaling ladders on construction sites. 

We've fished him out of the swift Red River in New Mexico, minutes after our arrival.

The other day, a neighbor had to rescue him out of the creek, when he fell in, and was stuck in the mud.  Up to his armpits. 

Construction workers in the neighborhood have brought my bleeding boy home, after a spill on his bike.

The cops have had to help us out with that kid.

It definitely takes a village. 

Huh…cops, construction workers?  At the very takes the Village People!


This Daddy said...

I feel a song coming on...listen

The Mullins Life... said...

I know how you feel my middle one is just like that! It is exhausting!!!!

Kameron said...

Ha! I was thinking that before you even got to the punchline. I was just waiting for an Indian!

Tessa said...

YOU crack me up!
Lord knows I need SOMEONE to crack me up, all the deep thinking I'm stuck in most time. THANKS!

S.I.F. said...

Big Love makes me want to be a sister wife... Just throwing it out there if you're taking applications!