Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday...Sans Satellite!

With the big game only hours away, we decided to break down, and buy a little ole antenna for our television.

We carefully hooked it up, and began the channel scan, allowing the tele to search for any available air waves.

I researched it online while the scan ran, and discovered that we live in an area with very weak signal. We would be lucky if we received any channels at all.

We didn't have much hope, but, waited anxiously for over fifteen minutes for the search to complete.

It was actually fun.

When you go ten days without television...watching the channel scan is pretty frickin' entertaining.

Two channels.

That's all we were able to pick up.


With our fingers crossed, we pushed the channel up button, to reveal the mystery network.

The face of Queen Latifah filled the screen, as she sang the National Anthem in Miami!

We scored.

One of the two channels was the Super Bowl channel!

It was a gift from Jesus! was!

I know this, because the other channel that we were able to tune into, was the CCN.

Not CNN.



I'm assuming it's the Christian Care Network...or, the Catholic Connection Network, or the Christ is Cool Network...because, the images on the screen were of a man, in robes of white, and rope sandals, walking along a river, with about twelve robed men walking behind him.

It was Jesus!

A gift from Jesus!

We had a little fun, fine tuning our picture...just like the good ole days. Avery held the antenna, and moved it around to find the sweet spot!

We damn near broke out the tin foil!


Jes said...

Aww man! i forgot about you guys not having t.v. If I had remembered you guys could have come down here to watch. Hope the picture was clear! :)

Tracy said...

Atleast you got in on, I kept scrolling and waiting to read, "so we gave in and called Direct TV"

and I think Kerri Underwood sang the National Anthem.

This Daddy said...

I was going to write you Friday and offer to have Jake make the 12 or so hour drive to watch the game, so I am glad you got it on and could watch it as a family.

Momof3inVA said...

WOW! That was a little suspenseful...waiting to see if you actually got the game...woohoo for Queen Latifa! ;)

Oh, and we live in the sticks and get about 3 channels on our antenna...thanks goodness we have satellite (well, when we don't have a foot of snow on top of our dish).

heidi said...

Oh ye of little faith. HA!

Kristin said...


Loved the story - a gift...that it was!

Margaret said...

At least you got to watch the big game!

Bridget said...

Glad you got to watch the Super Bowl!!!

S.I.F. said...

Thank you Jesus!

He must have known your kids would have revolted and ran away from home if that didn't work!

Kameron said...

I so remember the tin foil days. You are inspiring me to work on the hubby to give up tv! I barely watch it as it is, but I fear I may loose my mind if I don't have something mindless to park the boy in fron tof while I attempt to get ready for work! Don't suggest the computer because 2 year olds and computers=disaster!

Cat said...

See... Jesus DOES love you.

So do you also make the kids get up and change the channel during commercials? I suppose that would only come in handy if you wanted to watch CCN instead of commercials. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Ah, This is spot on! Dispells
many misnomers I've seen

Anonymous said...

Ah, This is great! Clears up
some contradictions I've read