Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stop it...

Really…it’s embarrassing!

Two awards have been bestowed upon me…and I’m honored.


Thanks so much to Robin at Lolidots for this awesome award…

and thank you to Bridget at Among the Chaos, for this lovely award…

You guys are AWESOME!!! and I appreciate you thinking of me!

The stipulations on these awards are very similar. Pass it on to 10 people, and tell 10 things about myself. Give or take…

The name of the award, reminds me of the first fun fact about me…

1. When I was a wee little thing, I played on a soccer team called The Dolls. If I remember correctly…we lost every bloody game! I was the goalie, because I was lazy…until I got kicked in the nose…then, I stood in the middle of the field, while the other Dolls ran around me!

2. I was Blues Clues…when Blues Clues wasn’t cool!

3. When I was three…we lived in a haunted house. No shit! We did! I have vivid memories of the ghosts that would roam the hallways at night. And my parent’s green crushed velvet bedspread. With fringe. I have nightmares to this day…about both!

Ironically, it was at this same time, that I developed an imaginary friend named Kat…short for Kathryn, who I insisted needed a plate at the table, and would cry if she were left outside. When we moved from that house…Kat didn’t come with us! Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!! See Kat next to me, under the umbrella? either!

4. I love food. And corny dogs are good!

5. I went through a very awkward tomboy phase…complete with camoflage, parachute pants, and a little boy haircut. During this phase, I actually wanted to be a boy.

6. The tomboy phase continued, and I rocked the raddest mullet in the second grade! Check it. Billy Ray Cyrus ain’t got NOTHING on this shit!!

In this pic, ignore my mother proudly showcasing her Estee Lauder powder and perfume set, and take notice of the mullet, in all it’s glory! And my badass “Beat Street” shirt! Hell yeah!

7. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a mom. I played with dolls…well, let’s just say, for a long time.

8. It seems as though, I may have been a wrestler in my younger days. Or, at the very least, a Roller Derby chick!

9. This is a picture of me toilet papering the house of my future husband, when I was 16. He had me at ‘hello’…he had me at ‘hello!’

10. My first car, was a 1985 Ford Escort. Unfortunately, I was only 7 in 1985! That car waited nine years for me! It was a stick shift, and I drained the battery on day one, trying to learn how to drive it!

As far as who I’ll pass this award on to…

Jes @ Sports, Frogs, & Tutus

Allie @ If you don't have anything nice...

And…I’ll add more in just a minute!

Thanks again, guys!!


Stacey said...

Love the pics! You must tell us about the haunted house.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, I love the pics! Seriously, that is one rockin' mullet!

Now I'll be waiting for a post about your haunted house!

Kaolinmommy said...

Hilarious. I love old photos. Especially involving corndogs and mullets. :)

And I'm with everyone above- more about the haunted house, please!

Nikki B. said...

lily and jack saw the pics, and swore that was avery with the mullet!

haunted house post...coming up!!

Kameron said...

I love you so much more now that you had the BALLZ to show your mullets!! Love ya, mean it!!

Kristin said...

I laughed out loud at the roller derby pic - priceless!

So, my first car - 1985 ford escort - no kidding and I wrecked (totalled) it within a month.

I love those pictures - and the mullet - classic!

Hope you are doing well!