Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So you think you don't have to dance?

I'm still on sabbatical. Enjoying a little R and R. Lovin' life.

Easy...quit hatin'!!

Part of my contract says that I get to sleep in on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays...and then, of course, most Saturdays and Sundays. Alright, so, it would've been easier to tell you which days I don't get to sleep in. Whatev!

Anyway, Monday came, and I was sabbaticating (hey-it might be a word).

I was juuuuuusta sleepin'!


The phone rang, and it was the school. At 8:15am. On Monday morning.

I'm thought, it had to be the nurse. The kids had only been there for twenty minutes! What kind of trouble, warranting a call home, could they get into, in twenty minutes?

This kind...

It was the P.E. teacher. She wanted me to talk to Avery, because he was refusing to dance.

He got on the phone, and I was all...

"Dude! Just dance, will ya!"

"I don't want to. It's stupid."

"Well, son, from what I can tell, it's not an option."

"I don't like it."

"Well, I don't like waking up to a phone call from your teacher, because you are in trouble, either, but, that's what I had to do today!"

We go back and forth like this for a few minutes, and I ended it by telling him, "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!! JUST DANCE. DO WHAT YOUR TOLD. I HAD TO DANCE. YOUR DAD HAD TO DANCE. YOUR SISTER AND BROTHER WILL DANCE. DANCE, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS SANE! OR, THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!!" All the while, hoping I wasn't on speakerphone.

The worst part of it all...was that I couldn't go back to sleep. Ooooooh yeah. There would definitely be consequences!!

I saw parts of Monday morning that I haven't seen in ages, and went on with my day.


A call from the PRINCIPAL at 1:00pm. Same kid. Same problem. He refused to dance! The principal offered to dance with him. He refused. The assistant principal offered to dance with him. He refused. They gave him to option of dancing with the second P.E. group in his class. He refused.

This dude was simply not gonna dance!

When he got home from school, his punishment dance! He danced for an hour straight, then had to deal with his father, when he got home from work! Poor kid!

I've lived in Texas all my life. When I was a kid, we did square dancing. I remember it being a big deal...not wanting to hold the boys' hands, but, I did it. And I thought it was kinda fun!

I wanted to ask you guys in other states...did you dance in P.E.? Was it part of your curriculum? It is here. It's part of the state's curriculum.

Is it just a bumpkin thing?

What about cow-tippin' and banjo strummin'?

Your kids have to do that in P.E., too, right? RIGHT?


Kimmy said...


Yes, actually in high school I had to dance, or wait...was that a class I had signed up for? Hmmm, I don't think I would sign up for that cause I thought it was stupid too!! lol Especially since we had to come up with our own choreography. Can I just say how lame I felt. This was High school for goodness sake! I wasn't popular and I sure don't think this helped my chances in ever becoming popular either!!

Jayme said...

I'm from NY and we had to square dance in elementary school as well.

Booklover1212 said...

First time visiting your blog and thoroughly enjoyed this post! Can't remember ever dancing in P.E. though!

I liked your "punishment"! Very creative!

~ Jennifer

Stacey said...

We had to square dance in grade school too.

We didn't have cow tippin' and banjo strummin' till high school. They thought that in grade school we were to small to be able to tip, and our hands to small for strummin' :)

Bridget said...

Oh, yes, we had to dance...square dance, the hustle, the bunny hop...

The boys all grumbled about it, probably because it would make them seem uncool...

The Purnell Family said...

I love his punishment! Did his dad make him dance too? :)

Hey! I need to get your cell number. There are things that have come up that I have wanted to text you about, but haven't had your number. I won't psycho stalk you. :) You can email it to me.

MrsW said...

I can hand on heart say that the only thing everyone at school here in Scotland learns that everyone USES in their adult life is the dancing. We have a whole ton of Scottish Country dances that we "do" in PE all through our secondary education. These dances are rolled out at every wedding, New Year party and assorted drunken ceilidhs throughout the year. The one's who can't dance really stand out - we call them the English.

MrsW said...

(acksherly that's not fair I have some lovely English friends - we fill them with booze and teach them - even as adults they get the hang of it eventually)

Anonymous said...

I had to squaredance in elementary school (I live in MD). My 8th grade daughter is dancing all this week in PE...not sure what kind...she just told me that her and a partner have to make up a dance and do it in front of the whole class. Talk about embarrassing!! My 2nd grader does DDR (if you call that dancing) in PE and she has also learned a few line dances.

To your other poster a huge laugh from your English comment. My Mom was born and raised in Edinburgh, so I get that kind of humor.


km said...

Eddie Grant had a song "Don't Wanna Dance". The kid will love it:)

This Daddy said...

I grew up in Houston and cant remember having to dance in schools. I am 37 and not really sure of what happened in school. Here in Ga. I can only imagine what they are making kids do. We homeschool.

Kameron said...

I am assuming you will be posting the video of said dancing as further punishment, right?? ;o)

Lisa P said...

Haha! I LOVE it! Poor guy was probably mortified. I've never heard of mandatory dancing in P.E. I can only think of a handful of kids that wouldn't be completely embarrassed to do it.

Candi said...

Dance??? I don't think I ever had to dance in school. Of course I live in the Bible Belt so that may have something to do with it.