Monday, July 13, 2009

One of those days...

Yesterday, was one of those days...

The kids were wound up...I was wound up.

I was running around trying to get Avery packed for camp, putting out fires all along the way. I spent a good part of the day cleaning up the messes made by the kids, while they were trying to clean up messes ...yeah, you heard me!!

These are a few of the messes I cleaned...

One spilled 3 liter tupperware container, full of Mr. Nibbles' food. Mr. Nibbles is the 3rd grade class guinea pig and it is my responsibility to keep him alive until September! Yeah, good luck with the whole "alive in September" thing, Mr.'re living with The Bullocks!!

These kids and their pets are gonna be the death of me!!

The shit of one of my children. The little one underestimated his ability to control his bowels...and, well...lost control.

The shit of an infant..."Awww, someone made a stinky!". The shit of a five-year old..."ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?"

Spilled red popsicle that was left on the dresser of my oldest child. It was left to melt while he chit-chatted with his friend at the door. And melt, it did...all over my carpet!! I demanded, very loudly, that the child get a wet rag, and gently blot...NOT SCRUB...the carpet to clean the stain.

Bless his heart, he might have brain damage.

Next was the trail of dripped water from the soaking rag, that was dripped from the kitchen aaaaaall the way to his bedroom...then, the giant puddles of water in the carpet that were left when he tried to clean up the stain.

DEFINITELY BRAIN DAMAGED!! Yeeeah, definitely, definitely brain damaged. Yeah, definitely...

Lastly was the 3/4 full, Route 44 Ocean Water from Sonic that was knocked over while the kids were dragging a bunch of shit out (read: another mess for me to clean) to make a huge pallet to sleep on!! That's approximately 33 OUNCES of BLUE SHIT splattered across the tile, the walls, and the table!!

I know why people beat their children!!

So many messes, that I had dreams of this...


And visions of this...


That may, or may not be a beer in my hand! But, if it was a would be totally justifiable, because it was ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!!!!

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