Friday, June 25, 2010

Killing time…

Our flight on the way to Mexico was late. 

Not just a little late. 


We walked.  We talked.  We bitched.  We moaned.  We ate.  We napped.  And we STILL had like three hours to kill before the plane arrived to whisk us away to Margaritaville. 

On one of our jaunts around the aeropuerto, we found a cool set of escalators.  I talked my husband into (read:  bribed with sexual favors) letting me take pics of him on it. 


He got into it, actually, and played the part so well, that other people began taking pics of him, too.  I don’t know if they thought he was famous, and I was papparazzi, or if they, like me, just thought it looked cool. 


This Daddy said...

Bribed with sex to have pics taken? Damn I wish Tracy wanted to take pics of me that bad. It looks like you guys had fun all the way around. You all still going to Fl later this summer?

Kameron said...

That is a cool shot...sexual favors cool, I don't know, but cool just the same. ;o)

Kimmy said...

As I said before....That is so friggen funny!

I just can't believe you got this shot without anyone being on any of the escalators at the same time!

Beth said...

Bloggy awards for you!

Melissa said...

Do the other people have to give sexual favors too!!!!?
Very cool Picture Nikki!

Alicia W. said...

I laugh everytime I see this damn picture and even more when I read that other people thought he was famous and starting taking their own. Classic!