Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A valuable lesson…

So, you’ve heard me bitch and moan about kids these days and their video games.  If you haven’t heard me bitch and moan about how ridiculous I think video games are, these days, you can go here, and here

A brief synopsis of what I bitch and moan about…

Kids are so spoiled and I’m always harping on my kids about how, “when I was a kid, we couldn’t save our progress in a video game…if we wanted to win, we invested blood sweat and tears…if our mom’s called us to dinner, we started over…and…and…AND…we beat our video games with 3 lives.  THREE!!!” 

These rants always go right over my kids’ heads and they look at me blankly, wait for my raving to come to and end, then they play their silly games. 

Well, yesterday, on our snow day, I found a download on our Wii for the ORIGINAL Super Mario Brothers.  The first one.  That we grew up on. 

I was stoked.  For $5, I was able to download the full version of the game, and afford my children a glimpse at what I’m always talking (read: bitching) about, when I play their games. 

The real deal. 

They hate it.  They think it’s stupid.  They’re completely uncoordinated at the 2 dimensional play, with no back track and a limited number of lives.  They are frustrated by it.  They don’t understand how to find the hidden blocks and tricks, and they have very little patience for the game. 

And I couldn’t BE more thrilled about it!! 

I’m thinking about not letting them play their games that pretty much beat themselves…until they are able to beat this game…a REAL video game!!




Stacey said...

We didn't have cheat codes either! They have no idea what we went through! lol

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it!!!! how did you download it????

Chris M. said...

I remember having to blow into the nintendo cartridges to get them to work because of the dust causing problems. And also not being able to walk around, or sit across the room, while playing because the controllers had wires.

Rob said...

LOL. I agree 100%. Super Mario as well as Duck Hunt and MS Pacman are the 3 best games of all time.

T@iy@ van Gogh said...

That's fantastic! I am putting my husband on finding that and downloading it tonight!

Kameron said...

You are so diabolical! I love it! Spoiled kids!

Kimmy said...

That's awesome!!! LOL

I love Super Mario Bros! I actually got that one for Christmas :O)

Have fun and give us an update if they can do it...lol!