Friday, January 14, 2011

New technology…

Jake and I got the new MyTouch 4G’s the other day, and I freakin’ love them.  I was switching from the iPhone, and was nervous about the switch. 

But, dayum, this phone is cool.

We have video chat.  Which, at first, I thought was wicked awesome.  If I’m being honest, my initial thoughts were sick and twisted and about taking sexting to a whole new level, with my lover.  And, you know…just, in general, thought it would be cool to video chat with Jake throughout the day.  Because…one might get laid off in these “tough economic times” for having phone sex at work.  Even if it is with your wife. 

ANY-FRICKIN’-WHO…why did you let me go THERE???

Today, my phone rang and it was Jake for a video chat.  I was sitting here at the desk.  Fucking around on facebook and BlogFrog.  Doing nothing productive. 

I reached down to answer the phone, and I panicked. 

Oh shit.  He’s gonna see that I’m just sitting here in the office.  I should run to the kitchen and pretend that I was cleaning it.  No…I should run to the laundry room.  I’ve actually done a load today, this could be that load.  No…I’m supposed to be taking it easy from my oral surgery.  I should run to the bedroom and lay down. 

AAAAAAAAALL this shit ran through my head in the instant that I looked down to see the video chat request. 

Lucky for me, this new technology has a few kinks to iron out, and it doesn’t work all that great.  He couldn’t see me.  I called him back and I couldn’t see him.  So we just gave up. 

And the kitchen is still dirty.  And the laundry still needs to be done.  And I’m still fucking around on the computer! 


Rob said...

You might be the first person I have ever heard that went from the iPhone to another phone. Usually it works in the reverse. Glad to hear you 2 are trying to have fun with your new phones :) Good Luck!!

Kimmy said...'re too funny! I can always count on you for some great funny posts!

I'm not that cool to have all that nw technology such as the i-phone or 4G, whatever it's called. My husband and I actually upgraded from Tracfone to Virgin Moble. We have much better phones that actually allow us online now but our's is per minute kind of phones. Unlimited texting and internet with 300 min a month all for $15/mo. for each of us. Totally works for us but would be cool to have all that cool stuff on the phone. I'm not complaining though. My phone looks like a blackberry and not the cheesy generic phone that we used to!

Bridget said...

Too funny!

Kameron said...

I have the Droid 2 and I love it. I have no desire to go the iphone route! I also have no desire to do the whole video cat thing. I tried skype with my sister a couple of times and the quality irritates the crap outta me. what's the point??