Friday, July 23, 2010

Things are gonna change…

I can feel it. 

With nursing school quickly approaching, there have been some changes going on in me.  I can feel perspectives shifting, and it’s kinda hitting me that I’m about to grow up and get a job.  No, a career! 

I’ve been able to keep this totally public blog, attached to my totally full name for a couple of years, without any concern that some pissed off asshole at work will use something I say against me, and have my ass canned. 

The cool thing about being a SAHM, you can’t really be fired from your position.  I mean…I guess I could.  I could be like the idiot in Florida, and post pics of my baby with a frickin’ bong, but…yeah…I’m not that dumb!! 

Anyway…I don’t know what to do. 

I think it’s going to be hard for me to leave my adventures as a Student Nurse completely off of this blog.  And then, of course, there are those pesky HIPAA laws that I will have to abide by. 

I guess I could always anonymize, and go from there.  Or, start a whole new blog.  Or, privatize this one. 

Ugh…I don’t know what to do. 

Is it possible for me to be a Student Nurse by day, a foul-fingered blogger by night, and never the twain shall meet? 

I just can’t see that happening.  Because I know that if I work a shift in the ER, and some drunk mother-fucker comes in with a flashlight stuck up his bum, and spins a tale about an unfortunate misstep in the shower, when I know good and well, he was just trying to get his jollies, and got himself into a pickle…I’m gonna wanna tell it!! 

**For the record…this story may, or may not be true.  It was a little tale I heard from a former classmate, who was an EMT!!**

What is a blogger to do?


This Daddy said...

You can always go the "I have this friend" route. You can always get a new blog and throw a link with a password on it.

You can stop crying about starting a new career and not being able to blog about it.

You can write a book and change the names of everyone and add a book section to your blog

Or just dont take the job and stay at home and wonder what if.

Kimmy said...

Um...first of all...WTF is with that 19 yrs old mom with the baby bong?????? SHAME SHAME!!!!

As for the bloggity blog, maybe make an anonymous blog and go that route. "Follow" me so I can find you so I can enjoy your funny posts though!!! lol

Melinda said...

Approach it professionally, from a medical if you have a patient come in and they have a flashlight up their bum don't say, 'this guy named Tom came in with a flashlight up his ass' What you say is 'a patient came in with a flashlight presenting from his rectum, and luckily the batteries still worked!'
ps If you do go private, let me know

Heidi said...

This was one of my most favorite blogs. But then again, she doesn't write it anymore. Maybe she got canned.

Stacey said...

There are lots of blogs out there by nurses. Even student nurse ones. Even foul-fingered nurse ones. lol

Nobody will ever know who these people are that you talk about, so HIPAA can't do a thing to you.

More Milestones said...

I totally understand your concerns. I'm an office aide in a public school. Funny shit happens that I know I can't share. Also - foul mouth right here. So I haven't made my blog known to co-workers (except 2). No recent pics of the boys and I don't post names (except mine). It's only been a year but no one has "found" me yet.

Mona : )
btw, bong mom - dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

It would be very disappointing to not get to hear the foul-mouthed stories I'm sure you'll have about the idiots you will inevitably run into and work with. Just sayin. ;-)

Jill said...

I think you will have enough new material for an entirely different blog! You could create a brand new Blogger account that does not reveal your personal information.
One of my favorite blogs is: She is a nurse in Labor and Delivery and tells some of the funniest stories. I think she uses her own name. :)

~~Mel~~ said...

No don't go! But if you do send me an invite ;) Your blog rocks just the way it maybe going private is your best option?

Kameron said...

If you do dare to go private, you'd better have me on your nice list!! I won't tell if you spill the beans about idiots. I love stories about idiots!!

Candi said...

Technically under HIPAA you just can't share patient's personal information. You can tell a story about a patient & as long as you don't mention any protected info like their name, ss #, etc. It's all good in the hood. :) But whatever you do I want to know so I can continue to follow! How can I live vicariously through your nursing school days if I don't have your blog!!! :)