Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Movin' on...

I know it's soon, but, my gut told me pretty quick that Tucker wouldn't be coming back...and, after a few weeks, I'm thinking my gut was probably right.

At first, when Jake and the kids started talking about another pup, I couldn't even go there with them. I wanted Tucker, not any ole pup.

Now, I'm starting to visualize finding a Tucker replacement. Yes, that what this pup will be, a Tucker replacement. And I'm sure I will do psychological damage to him, by constantly reminding him that, "Tucker never did that," when the little shit pisses on the tile. Or, "Tucker wouldn't have done that," if the thing chews shit up.

I've been looking online, and the dreaded Craigslist, where, by the way, I'm convinced there are people who are actually half-dog, who post on that site...because I have never in my life seen people get more offended, than if you try to rehome your pet.

We gave a dog away rehomed a dog once, and put ads on Craigslist, because this dog we had pissed and shat in her bed, then ate it, refused to piss outside, and howled like a banshee all through the night wasn't a good fit for our family, and a lady messaged me, and told me that my mother should've aborted me. Her name was "dog dame."

Anyway, bouncing around on that site, I came across post after post for missing weiner dogs. Like 90% of the missing pup posts, were for weiner dogs. Or, so it seemed. I got to thinking, that maybe the breed is a known flight risk, and that I should get a breed that is known more for being...say, lazy, homebody-ish, unmotivated.

Is there a breed like that? Not small and yippy...not large and loping...just a small to medium sized dog that will just stay put.

Especially stay put after I nurse his sorry ass back to health from being hit by a truck, and buy him a ridiculous amount of narcotics, at a ridiculous price, so his broken ass will be as comfortable as possible while he recovers. And, one that, if I carry his ass to pee and poo for four weeks, will be contractually bound to stick around??

Is there a breed like that?

Any advice or ideas?


Kimmy said...

I was just talking to S yesterday about Tucker. I was saying how I hope someone found him and just kept him rather than the worse. Terrible that someone would keep a dog that didn't belong to them but at least he would be ok.

Honestly on the advise of breeds though, not sure. I've got Ozzy who is a Mini Pinscher and he's so fun and energenic. Jumps around like a deer! He likes to take off also.

Then I've had Pudder (we called her No comment on that one). Anyways, she was a Chihuahua/terrior mix and well, she got away a few times also but we found her.

I've always preferred the little, less hairy dogs. They're fun to carry, etc, etc. You get the point.

After all that...I'm getting to my point, I am, I am...LOL...I do have advise on where to find a good pup. We found Ozzy on Great site if you haven't already checked it out!

More Milestones said...

Have you tried a shelter? My animal shelter expirence was not great but my bother got himself the cutiest, sweetest dog.
Just pay the extra and get a pup.
Much Luck!

Tracy said...

Try looking on

And I love boxers. My fav breed by far.

Tracy said...
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MX3 said...

What you need is a lovable oaf, like our dog Stubby. We got him when he was 6 months old at a shelter for $40, and he's never even tried to escape or run away. He just follows us around with a dopey, "I love you so much" look on his face all the time. According to the shelter, they think he is a pitbull mix, but who really knows when you find a puppy on the street. Anyways, something like that is what you need!

S.I.F. said...

We had weiner dogs growing up, and west highland white terriers. There is no doubt that the westies were the better dogs (even though I always loved the weiners!) They are around the same size, don't shed, and are super smart (so they won't run away after you nurse their sorry asses back to health, and they also probably won't be stupid enough to get hit by a car in the first place.)

I'm so sorry you have to find a Tucker replacement though! :(

And what are the chances that it's not so much that weiner dogs in your area are more apt to run away, but rather that their more apt to be snatched? Could Tucker have been dognapped?

Or have I watched too many stupid kid movies?

Wendy said...

You should try a Papillon. Great dogs, obedient, easy to train, small but with a big dog personality, hardly any shedding (they don't have an undercoat), beautiful and only want to serve you. They are now used alot as therapy dogs for their versatility and smarts!!

Nikki B. said...

thanks for the input guys!!

i have been checking out petfinder, too...and hope to come up with something when we get back from vacation in a few weeks!!!

Candi said...

Now you need to change the caption on his picture to "The one who escaped"...I mean "Ran away" ;)

HD said...

Aww Nikki, I'm sorry. I was hoping he'd come back or that someone had found him and returned him. )o:

I'm not much help in the breed department. Both of ours are mixes and they both have their issues.

Good luck in the pet search though.