Thursday, May 20, 2010

Point of view…

I’ve spent the last couple of days volunteering at the school, and believe it or not, it was profound. 

Today, I questioned one little girl in the Book Fair about how much money she had, making sure she had money to spend, and wasn’t just ditching class.  She explained, “Yes, my mom gave me $10.  I kept asking her if she’d take me to Family Night, tonight, to shop.  She said no.  Then, she said that she was tired of me asking her to take me to the Book Fair, so, she just said, ‘Here. Here’s $10.  Just shop at school.’” 

Listening to this sweet little girl, express how she just wanted to shop with her mom, and her perception of her mom’s frustration, really tugged my heartstrings.

**Contrary to popular belief…I still have a couple of heartstrings!  Fine!  One.  I have ONE heartstring.  But, it’s a good one!**

It’s a frustration that, as a mom, I know so well.  Now, the familiarity of it, stung with guilt, as I saw my own actions from a child’s point of view. 

I watched her shop, and thought to myself that I really should be more patient with my kids.  That I really should try to say ‘yes’ more often, when it is possible. 

She wandered around she approached me, and said, “Could you please help me find a cookbook?”  I said, “Sure, the kid cookbooks are over here, “ and I started to direct her over to a particular stack of books. 

She stopped me, “No ma’am.  It’s for my mom.  She really likes to cook.  I want to get her a new cookbook.”

Ahh…insult to injury. 

This sweet little girl, whose mom was too busy to shop with her, was now spending the money that she’d been given, to buy a book for her mom. 

The heartstring that child had previously tugged, now hung in two.  Two limp, pieces, with frayed edges. 

However, there was this part of me…the part of me that related so well to the frustrated mother…that couldn’t help but think, “Damn…she must have already gotten a conduct mark, or moved her pin, or something, and is trying to kiss her mom’s ass!”


Scott S. said...

I dont care what anyone says Nikki, you are a sweet person.

your friend,
Anna Linjector

kristi said...

Ha! My son made me feel guilty asking me to go on a field trip that I had one day notice for..his teacher, UGH, works my nerves. But I could not go and I felt so guilty!

Jes said...

I often see myself being very impatient w/my kids and then see the frustration on their faces and that always makes me feel guilty. But you have to remind yourself that no one is perfect, but we can always make our "bad actions" lessons to our children and apologize and talk to them about our mistake, and what we were feeling when we acted that way and what we can do different next time. That's what I always try to do when I know I didn't treat my child the way I should have. Your a great mom! Don't convince yourself otherwise :)

~~Mel~~ said...

I definitely get far too frustrated with my boy at's stories like the one you shared that make me stop and think and continue to try and be more patient...

S.I.F. said...

Oh wow! That poor mom is going to feel like such a jerk when she gets her new cookbook!

Kameron said...

That's sad. I will always go to family day from now on!!