Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cruel and unusual…


Yesterday I had Day One of a my first root canal. 

I can take that off my bucket list, now.

It never should’ve been on that damn list, to begin with!


For two and a half hours straight…no lie, no exaggeration…that woman drilled into my tooth.  2.5 HOURS!  I’m no wuss…at all.  I bypassed the gas because she said that was just used to ease the anxiety of the anesthesia…the shots. 


A tiny little prick caused me no anxiety.  NONE.  What did cause me anxiety, was her boring through my tooth like she was Bruce Willis, and it was a giant meteor headed to destroy earth!!

I never understood why people feared the dentist until yesterday.  My husband cannot handle needles and drilling, and shit like that.  I know for a fact, that Jake would have to be put to sleep if he needed a root canal. 

As in, euthanized, not anesthetized!!!  The poor soul would never survive it!

Suckiest part of all?

I’m heading back there right now, because Bruce said, “I wanna do just a little more drilling and shaping and cleaning, before I fill it up.”

Like she’s giving me a damn pedicure!! 

Really, woman?  You’re a bitch!!!


This Daddy said...

I am so scared of the dentist. I had root canals done and they suck. dentist suck. Even the cleaning's. I hate going and then all the pain and then the bill they give you when you leave. Sorry you are going through that

Better you than me.

Tattoo me all day long, a needle in my mouth....Go make love to yourself

Kameron said...

That is awful! Sorry you have to have that done. i hate dental work! It is the worst!

Tracy said...

Yeah root canals are no fun. I have had one, and never again.

Kimmy said...

Oh bummer!!! I have yet to ever have a root canal. Honestly, I just got my first cavity when I was, maybe 30 or 31. I just went to the dentist last week and guess what?! 2 more stupid cavities (It's inbetween two teeth, that's why it's two)!!! UGH!! I floss more and this is what I get in return?! RAR! Good luck! I hope it goes smoother today!!

Stacey said...

I feel your pain! I had my root canal done yesterday, too, and I have to go back next week! I had to start taking pain killers and antibiotics for it again! It hurt!

Adoptive Momma said...

"Tattoo me all day long, a needle in my mouth....Go make love to yourself"

Tears rolling down my face I'm laughing so hard.

S.I.F. said...

Nope. Not cool. Wouldn't be down with that.

But I'm dying picturing Jake ready to just be done with it all should his turn come!

Momof3inVA said...

Oh, Nikki, I am soooo sorry. ;(

I had oral surgery last week and it SUCKED...I was sedated and it still SUCKED!!!

I hope it went well and you are all healed up and back to your normal self.

By the way, just saw your new post before I read this and your kids are gorgeous!! Love their eyes!!!

BlondieBlueEyes said...

I hear you. I have had 2. They were when I was 13. It SUCKED. I still HATE going to the dentist and put it off, almost ensuring that I may eventually need another one.

I seriously don't think I could make it through another one.